Coons and Foxes

Buttermilk after raccoon attack

Buttermilk~ after a raccoon attack, it ripped a hole in her throat and I took her to the vet to be put to sleep but they thought they could save her. With a long three month recovery, she is back good as new.

I am on a quest to get rid of the coons that come in my yard every night and ruin my fruit trees, raid the garage where I store my bird seed and bother my kitties. So far I have trapped seven coons and one grey fox in the past two weeks. I have found that an egg is the best bait, they like it and it doesn’t cost anything, not like a can of sardines or a can of cat food. People don’t trap varmints anymore because the hides are not worth anything. So after a few years, we are overrun with them. I lost all the fruit on my big apricot tree in two nights, they just strip the tree and leave the green fruit on the ground. They break the limbs and just tear up things. A fox is harder to catch but they kill baby goats and lambs. I have been seeing them on the road where they have been hit by cars, there are a lot of them here too.

These coons weight about 20 lbs. The rob the eggs out of turkey nests, kill chickens ducks and guineas.

These coons weight about 20 lbs. They rob the eggs out of turkey nests, kill chickens, ducks and guineas.I had one small coon kill  my two pet ducks and 3 pet guineas in one night, they were eight years old. It broke my heart~

This was this mornings's coon. I don't like to kill anything but there is no one else here to take care of that job. You can catch and release but no one wants you to bring a live coon and drop it off on your place.

Here is this mornings’s coon. I don’t like to kill anything but there is no one else here to take care of that job. You can catch and release but no one wants someone to bring a live coon and drop it off on their  place.

This grey fox was in the chicken yard this week.

This grey fox was in the chicken yard last week. There are 40 chickens, all pets and all have names. I feel like Miss Lilla was telling Ellie Mae, “My stars will you look at that, stand back Ellie, don’t  get too close he might be play’n  possum!!

Let the Games Begin

here are the kids dancing with their bustles. They were naturals when it came to rhythm and the beat of the drums. They chanted and that is all the music they needed.  Elizabeth and Lisa were sort of following along.

A few more pictures from my album, it is hard not to show every single one, they were all so special to me. These are the fun pictures.

here are Benton and Lisa, doing their own rendition of African dancing. They were not bad, they really entertained the real dancers with their moves.

One of the things I loved about the trip was getting to be a child again and play the games I played when I was a growing up.

this was a tag game, you chased your certain kid and if you tagged him, he had to come over to your side. I never ever once caught mine~

We didn’t have toys back then, no multi-color playground equipment, no fancy play houses with kitchens, easy-bake ovens, or have a pink Barbie convertible parked out front. We played the same old timey games these children at the orphanage were playing. They don’t have fancy toys either and I hope they never will. I can’t imagine any of them ever saying, ‘I’m bored’. Their only toy was a soccer ball and a jump rope.

they were good at jumping rope, sometimes two ropes at a time. The girls wore dresses and that could make it harder to do. They were good! Since this was our first day there, they were all dressed in their best for us.

two or three could jump at once, even the girl in the peach colored dress kicked her shoes off and jumped along with the rest of them.

There was a lot of dancing, singing, running races, chasing, and laughing, and at the same time, they were sweet to each other.  I can’t ever remember so much energy,  I think all of our group played harder than we had in a long time. 

here were the happy kids with Elizabeth on the play ground. They didn’t need a coach, they just played their games. Naomi was a referee though, she stood over in the shade to watch the little kids and be sure no one got hurt. The older girls were always looking out for the little ones too.

Some of My Favorite Memories

Going through some of the old pictures, I loved remembering these times.


Nancy Grace McGill, Nancy Jo Elder, two little cousins

Nancy Grace McGill, Nancy Jo Elder, two little cousins

Nancy Jo, 2 year old

Nancy Jo, 2 year old


Tricia, Nancy, Rita and Daddy at Corpus 1941

Tricia, Nancy, Rita and Daddy at Corpus 1941

Nancy in 6 th grade

Nancy in 6 th grade

Nancy and Junior on beach at Port Aransas

Nancy and Junior on beach at Port Aransas

Bride Nancy

2 year old ring bearer

2 year old ring bearer


De, Nancy and Andrew

De, Nancy and Andrew

with Sarah Louise and little Nancy

with Sarah Louise and little Nancy

Tricia, Rachel and Nancy

Tricia, Rachel and Nancy with Marci’s puppies

Benjamin and Andrew on South Concho River

Benjamin and Andrew on South Concho River

Camp Rock fun, Rita,Anna Nancy, Elizabeth Ann

Camp Rock fun, Rita,Anna Nancy, Elizabeth Ann

Nancy & Missy at Port Arnasas

Nancy & Missy at Port Arnasas

D. Andrew, Nancy, Benjiman

D. Andrew, Nancy, Benjamin





Grandma, Andrew & Rachel

Grandma, Andrew & Rachel

Nancy's engagement picture

Nancy’s engagement picture


Sweet Goodbye

Nancy Jo Elder Patton  November 30, 1937~June18, 2017

Nancy Jo Elder Patton November 30, 1937~June 18, 2017

Goodbye to my sweet sister, she was blessed with the most precious treasures of all, being a wife, mother and grandmother. She made a difference in the world for all who knew her and loved her. What a life. Her last words to me on the phone every night were, “Goodnight  and I love you most! “

Big Hair~1970’s

Another re-run of older posts. I have enjoyed the break so I am ready to get started on new things. For the past month I have been baby sitting 50 pet chickens, three dogs (each with health needs) two peacocks, running live traps to catch the coons bothering the chickens and the peach trees, and coming home every day to take care of my stuff here. One day it was the washing machine that flooded the utility room and closet, that was the biggest problem. I also have been feeding almost 30 wild turkeys that stay in my yard, and my kitties. It has been worth it just getting the wonderful pictures and videos from Uganda every day. The time difference changed my night to day but the internet is unbelievable.

Sandra, Tooter, Susan, Sylvia and Sharon

I put the Bridge party on my blog a few weeks ago and everyone liked seeing the girls. It was back in the 1970’s. Today I want to show you some pictures of these same girls and the hair-dos they wore back then. The hair took time to fix and is probably the reason women stopped wearing hats, they just wouldn’t fit on this big hair. You had to roll it on  curlers, then tease or back-comb it and spray with hair spray so stiff you could go through a cyclone and not have a hair out of place. At night you wore a satin sleeping  cap  or wrapped it with toilet paper, that hair-do  had to last  a week. I loved the big hair, it was beautiful, the girls were pretty  and they always dressed in classy  clothes.  They could decorate a room by walking through the door~

Nancy had the happy face and classic look

Christy was the youngest of the bunch, cute and fun







Susan was a honey blond

Sharon was as beautiful as a movie star~still is~

Rita~ back when it was black

Becky was our little blond teacher

Dixie had the tallest hair

Madolyn had beautiful hair, always perfect

Pam was a honey blond

Sandra and her 6″ tall beehive

Tooter owned the beauty shop

Sharon always looked nice,she made her own clothes

Pam had a Pixie-Do, it was perfect for her

Susan~no way could she do that herslf

Holly was another red head with great style

Becky was the really truely truely blond

Tooter had red hair~ most of the time

Hey, it’s my blog so here is Spook~she had big hair too, I had this girl for 19 years~

Desert Sage~Natures’ Beauty

Dan made this pond years ago and we have all enjoyed a pleasant place to gather after  one of Debbie’s wonderful meals~it has been home for special  koi fish, frogs and ducks

Today I am happy to show a picture of my kid’s backyard pond with the Desert Sage in full bloom. It is one of natures most rugged native shrubs, it thrives in heat but is also cold-hardy. After a shower, it  covers itself  in beautiful violet purple blooms. I always noticed all of the sage on the rocky rolling hills between Sonora and Del Rio when there has been rain. What a thrill to see such beautiful color. It is a nice plant for the yard with soft silver-green leaves and it takes little care but needs alkaline, infertile soil. It is easy to transplant  a sage bush from the pasture~ 

Another Father’s Day

Daddy couldn’t resist a nice pair of boots, he wore size  7  N   to  9 M, just which ever ones were the best price. This was his favorite pair~he called them his ostrich boots~he wasn’t kidding, you can see the ostrich leather on the toes

Here is Daddy holding  2 month old baby Dan

here he is five years later, holding his new baby Paul

This is a picture of Dan holding his sweet baby D.T in 1956. The second picture is five years later with little Paul. Dan was a wonderful daddy to these two little boys, they were the best thing to ever happen to him.The boys had lots of fine men in their lives~ granddad’s and many uncles~ but no one more special than their daddy.   “Ye-haw, let’s stand and sing, keep smiling , raise the flag, who’s ready for a cigar, let’s eat.” I love those boys and loved that daddy!

Happy Birthday to Someone~

Today is a special day for me, it was June 17, 1961 when we were celebrating a new baby in our family. The next new baby came thirty years later when his daughter was born and we had to wait another twenty seven years for her new baby to  be born. Anyway, I just wanted to wish him a Happy 56th birthday and tell him how much I love him. He is in Uganda right at the moment doing mission work and enjoying his new baby granddaughter. I hope to show pictures of that  trip soon.

Here is a picture from last year when he was in Kenya bringing the Word of the Lord to the people there.

Here is a picture from last year when he was in Kenya bringing the Word of the Lord to the people there.

West Texas Windmill

There is something special about a windmill, I love to hear one, just like I used to love to hear the whistle of a train~

Here is a picture of a typical windmill taken in 1962. Many of these have been replaced with submersible pumps that  run on electricity or solar energy. When I was growing up, they had towers made of wood but later they made them out of metal. There is a company in San Angelo that still makes Aermotor windmills and ships them all over the world. We have always had a mill, to me there is something mystical about it. It takes some maintaining though, if a rod breaks it has to be pulled out and replaced. That used to mean hooking a pulley onto the bumper of a pickup and driving back and forward to pull the rods out. Our well is almost 400′ deep and just got all new rods. It  was done with a big truck with a with a boon, the operator stood at the controls and pushed some buttons while his helper unhooked the rods. It should be good for a long time now. Just like knowing a good plumber or mechanic, you need a good windmill man~I have one, he is one of the Henderson boys~

Miniature Den

A place I dreamed of having some day

This was one of the most fun rooms to make, the boat is like a larger one the boys had in their room. It is two inches tall but has all the detail~

I have been posting my little things on face book, but now I will be bringing them to my blog, the one today is the den. When I made it in 1972, we lived over at the  farm house with no den so it  was fun to dream of ‘some day’ as I made it. On the desk there is a typewriter, world globe, pens and pencils, and letters etc. The book case has framed pictures of the kids, carved figures, books and a little sailing ship on top. There is a checker board on the coffee table with a heated game going . My miniature rooms never have dolls in them, once you put a doll in the magic is gone. In your mind you can be the one in the room and own the space without being an intruder.

Miniature Den


The little den

these little sofas are 6″ high, they sit on the fireplace hearth. My dogs have all tried to sit on them, they recognize what they are~


Jitter Joe

Jitter Joe used to lie on these sofas, he still tries but they are  uncomfortable now that he is a big boy~

More miniatures this morning, this is a copy of the furniture in my den, the sofas have been recovered since I made the little ones, I planned to recover the miniatures but like to remember them them as they were when we first built the house. They sit on the fireplace hearth and decorate that area. As I have said before, all my dogs have recognized what they are and have sat on them. I have a living room but the den is where everyone congregates. Most of the time the doors are open to the sun room. I remember the excitement of making all the little things. If you have ever made a little  chair or carved something tiny, you know what I mean. We may be  wired a little bit different~

Pickled Beets

tasty, colorful, they add some zing, good for every day, every meal

This is a simple recipe for pickled beets. It is easy and fast and adds something special to any meal. They will keep well in the refrigerator for a week, if you can stay out of them~I  can’t think of any dinner meal that they wouldn’t make more special.

Pickled Beets

2 cans whole or cut beets (drain but save
1/2 c. of the juice)
3/4 c. vinegar
3/4 c sugar

Put beets, vinegar, saved
beet juice and sugar in saucepan,
bring to a full boil. Let cool and store
in refrigerator until ready to use.