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I am Rita McWhorter and I have a few stories, experiences and thoughts to share. I have lived a pretty long time, 83 years so in that time I have learned a lot. I like to think I am handy. When problems come up, I am never afraid to try and fix them. I always figured if it didn’t work, I would throw it over the fence and find someone who knows how. I love the early mornings, most of my projects start then and sometimes go all day. I am thankful that I have always enjoyed hard work, I find pleasure in every single thing. I hope you will like this blog.

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    • thank you Debbie, I tried so many names but they were all taken, I am glad because I like this one the best. Don’t we like those chickies!

  1. When I visited you last Thursday, I was thrilled that you had found another fitting way to bring beauty, love and joy to the world. You have so much to say and share. I can harldy wait to see it proceed. Your proud nephew,
    Earl Calhoun

  2. Hi Earl, thank you for writing! I liked all the snake pictures and the one of you and Ajax was the best. I hope you will come back to see us soon, Rita

  3. Hi Rita, I was led to your website via Shannon West Biondo, who is a facebook friend I’ve never met, but is stepdaughter of James Austin, a dearest friend of mine from Hamlin Texas. I live in the Seattle area of wa state..was born in Big Spring Tx, and I find your Texas flavored blog so refreshing! My parents lived in the Hill country (Burnett) yrs ago: deceased now. I share your love for minatures & music (i’m a piano teacher/performer)… would love to be your face book friend, Rita – its listed Tara Clayton Wootten ~ if you request friend, I’ll accept. if not, I’ll still enjoy your blog with its Texas flavor! I also admire your artistry. Sincerely, a fan of yours, Tara

  4. Hello Tara, thank you for your post. I put the little sofa up just for you this morning. I have shown it on face book before, along with some the other miniatures but decided a blog was more suited. I tend get a little long winded sometimes. Rita

    • thank you so much for the friend request, Rita! your miniatures are amazing – I don’t know how you do it, with all those intricate details! I will be thoroughly enjoying your stories, pictures, and artistic endeavors…. even though I’ve lived in Wa state for many years now, Texas will always have a big part of my heart! (still have lots of relatives, friends there including a granddaughter (21 yrs old)…

  5. Hello Rita,
    I was tootling around the web for bluebonnet art and came across Easter Morning in West Texas. Then, I found you. There is a rich quality to your work that I can see in you. I went through your Blog and love your view of your life. I am writing a paper about Easter Morning in West Texas. Hope I get it right as rain. You did.

  6. WOW! Thank you Glenda, what a nice way to start my morning. You have certainly made my day. Come see me sometime~Rita

  7. Hello Ms. Rita! When my husband and I first “set up housekeeping,” as my dear Grandmother would say, a generous uncle of mine loaned us an antique table and chairs, several other pieces, and a painting of a woman feeding her chickens. He said the painting reminded him of his Mother (my Granny) feeding her chickens when he was a child. Recently, we put the painting in our basement while we re-painted, and to my despair, our hot water heater flooded out basement that weekend. I was crushed, and I cannot bear to tell my Uncle, either, as he recently mentioned that whenever we became more established, he’s love that painting back. I cannot find another one like it, but I just saw your lovely painting of the woman feeding chickens online. Do you happen to sell prints of it? Thank you so much for your time,

  8. I was talking to Earl a few minutes ago and he reminded me about your blog. You and I have not visited since you Africa trip, but through the pictures on your site I was able to enjoy your venture. Wonderful!
    We need to get together and you can tell me all about it.

    • Hi Danny, That was a great trip! I am about to the end of my pictures and will have to get onto something else but I have loved going through them and remembering everyone. Those people over there are amazing. The children are polite, they have real manners and still they are full of fun. They are kind to each other. All anyone wants is to live another year. Love, Rita

  9. Rita,

    I found your site a few months ago searching for sites that had carving on them. I have been following your blog ever since. I enjoy your wide arrange of topics and stories that you share. GREAT blog !!!!. Thank you.

    • Thank you Micheal, you probably know about that great urge to create something, it is not for the finished product but the actual pleasure of doing. We are never bored!

    • I don’t know if I have another trip left in me, I may just have to live with those wonderful memories. It was truly a trip of a lifetime for me. Thank you for writing.

  10. Are prints available for purchase anywhere of your Hill Country Springtime painting? I love it! It reminds me of trips my mother and I have taken driving on the backroads of Texas admiring the beautiful wildflowers.

  11. Rita, As I was going through some papers that Glenn had on his high school an Antonio, give me a call.anI thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you don’t quit. You have a gift for painting a picture in words. Hope all is well with you. If you eer get to S

    • Hi Ann, I think of you and Glenn often. Every once in a while I run into one of his sweet notes that he wrote, he like to talk about old school days and Eldorado. He was amazing and everyone loved him. Most popular boy all through school and for good reason, he had beautiful manners and came from a loving family. He was the success story to come out of our little town. I hope you are doing well. I sort of slowed down on the blog but will fire it back up again soon. Sometimes it takes 5 hours to put a post together, finding pictures and writing stories. So happy to hear from you. Love, Rita

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