Angel Food Cake


I call this my ‘cheating cake’, it comes from a box

When I was at UT in the early 50’s, I took an extra course ‘Home Economics for non Home Ec. majors’. I was wanting to learn the finer aspects of food preparation.  For one assignment, we drew a recipe out of a bowl for what we would  make that day. Mine was ‘Angel Food Cake’.  Hum, I had made that cake many times, so ‘with a little attitude’ I told Mrs. Armstrong  I would like to  trade for something else, I wanted to learn something new~ not the same old cake I already knew how to make. No, she said I would need to make the recipe I had drawn. OK, I was pretty hacked but whipped it up, while I   complained bitterly  to my cooking partner. When we were all done we had to line our food up on a table for everyone to sample and critique. The Angel Food Cake just squatted there, barely three inches tall, a total failure. I was completely humiliated. (I could fill a page with times like these).  Now skip to 60 years later. I never use a box cake mix with one exception~ Angel Food Cake. It comes out tall,   and perfect every time. It makes a beautiful birthday cake, or delicious dessert  with strawberries and (real) whipped cream. (for my famous old family recipe~look on the box)

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