Angora Goats

I have painted a lot of goat pictures through the years. I like goats, they are smart and make good pets. Well maybe not so good but who can resist. They will climb on your car and eat the nice plants in your yard. They bother the neighbors, stand around on your front porch and look in the windows. Sometimes they come inside. If you only have one, they will be your best buddy. They like to be with someone or something, they need a companion. There is nothing as cute as a baby goat~

I like goats. they look you straight in the eye and watch you~

I like goats. they look you straight in the eye and watch you~

One thought on “Angora Goats

  1. Rita! I just Love this picture! a long time ago, a friend gave me a baby pigmy goat whose mother had died…I had to bottle feed her every couple of hours for some time ~ named her Petunia ~ she watched tv with us at night & ate potato chips ~ had to go in the shed at night…I hated that she couldn’t sleep with me!! ~ she imprinted on me followed me Everywhere I went ~ in the park, just every where (once, in the ’70s) I had a marijuana plant growing on my porch; she ate it and was “high as a kite” ~ we thought it was funny at the time! We had Petunia for 5 years, then once, she got out (not the first time) and some neighbor dog down the way chased and killed her. We were heartbroken ~ the owners were also devastated, tried to pay me, but nothing would get her back….one of my favorite pets of all times!

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