Beautiful Pyracantha


this plant has been trimmed to become a small tree, they can also be left as a bush. As with so many of the showy plants, they have lots of thorns~absolutely beautiful

The pyracantha bushes are covered in beautiful orange berries around town. The plants grow to 10 feet tall and are showy and beautiful. They tolerate heat and cold and even drought, in fact they like it dry and can live for many years.

in the spring they will be covered in beautiful fragrant white flowers. They liked to be pruned, that keeps them producing~

In the spring, they are covered in white blossoms and then the berries come on in later summer. Good food for the birds, they eat everything that falls on the ground. It is also a safe nesting place. The branches are a mass of thorns so they are considered a good barrier against predators. They bring lots of pretty color to the landscape with little effort. Now is a good time to plant them, start with a gallon size and it will grow into a nice plant in a hurry. This one I found in some one’s yard one  afternoon and decided to show it off. They will be surprised to see it in the blog.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Pyracantha

  1. Will be going to northern TX and will take some barriers from the
    pyracantha I take care of here in southern CA. I recently learned the
    barriers aren’t toxic so ate some, and found the flavor interesting.
    Probably would have been prudent, though to have washed
    them first, haha,, since birds don’t wash their feet much.

    • I thought they were poisonous but looked it up and learned they are mildly toxic if too many are eaten. Much like Apple seeds and apricot,plum and cherry seeds. It said the berries need to be crushed and washed before eating and that they make good jelly. Good hearing from you, I learned something new. Those are beautiful plants.Rita

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