Breakfast Tacos

this is one of the easiest meals to fix, it is great for supper time too. I keep packages of corn tortillas in the freezer and pop out however many I need. They keep fresh for a long time. You can fix  for a crowd or make just one serving.

Soft Breakfast Tacos

This is a wonderful and easy breakfast and also great for supper time.
Soft fry some corn tortillas, (don’t skip this step~as you take them out of the skillet, place oh paper towels to get the grease off.) Scramble some eggs, put a spoonful on the tortilla, add a spoon of sour cream dressing. Sprinkle on some grated cheddar cheese and roll them up.  Put them in the microwave for 15 seconds to melt the cheese. Also have some hard fried tortillas to eat with the green stuff. This is fast and easy, it’s great for supper time too. It is comfort food,  you won’t be hungry again an hour later.
corn tortillas
sour cream dressing
grated longhorn cheese (or cheddar)
Now, soft fry  tortillas, enough for three or four per serving. Drop the tortilla in small amount of oil, medium heat, about 6 seconds on each side. Stack and keep warm.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Tacos

  1. Someone told me that after having seen the Breakfast Tacos, they found a flour tortilla (no, they didn’t have the corn ones), scrambled 4 eggs, found some left over sausage from last week and some sour cream. They had a feast! See, you don’t always have to follow a recipe to the letter.

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