Texas Cowboy

I liked painting guns and I liked carving guns. Here are some of the miniatures I whittled to  go with my little stuff. They made interesting pictures, the same as with boots and hats.

Flint Lock rifle and powder horn.

Flint Lock rifle and powder horn. I used a rooster spur for the horn~

The Flintlock became one of the most common weapons used in the American colonies. Since it was lightweight and extremely accurate, it developed into the most popular American rifle of its day.

Six shooter or shootin' iron

Six shooter or shootin’ iron

The six shooter was a revolver with six chambers that held bullets and was known as a cowboy gun or a shootin’ iron. The history of the gun is interesting reading.

six shooters and holster. I had one old glove and used it to make all the miniature leather goods.

six shooters and holster. I had one old glove and used it to make all the miniature leather goods.

Cowboy at Hulldale barn

always nice to hang out around the barn at Hulldale, the only sounds you hear are the birds and the windmill pumping. No, he was not a cowboy and he was not a sheriff~

The boys posed for me when I was painting a lot of cowboy pictures. My boy and his friend Matt were always good to let me use them as my subjects. There is an old barn on the place at Hulldale, a good background for all kinds of western scenes. Here is one of them holding a Winchester 30.30 rifle, and of course had a pistol in his holster. They did some target practice out there, it is several miles from neighbors so the perfect place. They usually found a rattle snake around the barn so the guns were put to good use. I liked painting the guns, boots, and cowboy hats. I liked to add a little humor to the paintings, this one had wasp nests on the studs. They are a fact of life around barns and out buildings. If disturbed, they can sting the daylights out of you, ‘you gotta run fast’.

New Zealand Oil Painting

A painting of a harbor in New Zealnad

This is a scene from New Zealand, what a beautiful and far away place~ I have heard wonderful things about it.

A scene from New Zealand~I would have loved to have gone there sometime. I have seen many pictures from that area and it is a beautiful and tranquil place. That is about as far away as you can get  from West Texas. I painted this picture for my brother in law along with a fall scene from Pittsburgh, they were both colorful and went well together. I like water and I like mountains. Sometimes when we have big rains, the dry  lake near my house fills up and stays full for several weeks. Then once in a while when a norther is starting to blow in, there will be dark blue banks of clouds north of the house that look like huge mountains. I like to dream~

Kitchen Shower for Naomi

Christmas was yesterday but I though it would be fun to tell about my Christmas 4 years ago in Kitale Kenya. It is one I like to remember most of all, making a nice kitchen for the Rescue Center Orphanage.

this is Naomi, the house mother holding Sharon, the youngest child at the orphanage. She was the care giver, cook and mother to all the kids. To know her was to love her.

A project for two of us going on the trip was to build a kitchen for the orphanage. Just simple shelving and Rubbermaid tubs with screw on lids to store the Ugali flour and sugar. Naomi was the house mother who took care of everything from cooking to watching and loving the twenty kids. The first day we were there, I looked at her ‘kitchen’ (a shed off to the side) and there was a big fire with two 4 gallon size pots, boiling something for dinner. Those two utensils and a large butcher knife (with no handle) was all I saw. The kids ate out of disposable plates which she washed and they used every day. I asked Charles Masinde, who ran the orphanage to make a list of things they needed for the kitchen. His wife wrote up a long list and the next day we went into Kitale to Transmat, something like Wal Mart Super Store but bigger. I told him we only wanted heavy duty pots and first quality things, the same things I would want in my own kitchen.

I only got one picture that day, there was another room filled with the other things. There is a big Transmat store in Katile that is larger than a Super Wal Mart. They had quality things and the prices were reasonable.

An hour later, we had baskets filled with stainless steel pots, mixing bowls, butcher knives, paring knives, a chief’s knife, cutting board, large serving spoons, ladles, cheese grater, huge tea kettle, then stainless steel spoons and forks, nice unbreakable cream colored dinner plates and matching rimmed soup bowls and mugs. We went to the plastic ware department and bought dish pans, tubs, laundry  baskets, and the buckets with screw on lids for the staples.

this is the dinning room and study room, the bedrooms are down each side. There is no heat since the temperature stays between 71 and 81 degrees year round. Naomi liked her new broom~

I had seen Naomi sweeping the area where the kids ate and studied, using a straw switch thing with no handle so I bought a broom. I was so happy with this purchase, no woman could manage without a real broom. The last thing I got were the sacks of Ugali flour, sugar and loaves of bread. I had told Charles I could only spend 20,000 shillings and the total bill came to just over that or $264. (the price of one kitchen appliance back home). This was one of those good days I will always remember. A real kitchen shower for Naomi. We never got the shelves built but that is something the men from the church can do later. Paul had another project in mind.

several men came and had everything put in after three days

here the man is connecting the wires in the box. They put florescent light fixtures in the dinning room/study area. It gets dark in Kenya at 7:00 every night year round~

He hired electricians in town to come and put electricity in the orphanage, he told them to put light in every room and in the dinning/study hall and when they were finished he wanted to just flip a switch and have it all light up. It happened! I like to remember this Christmas time from 4 years ago.

The Christmas Bicycle

this was my big surprise twenty three years ago, It is just a new now as the day I got it, no accidents, dings or scratches. It still has the original white sidewall  tires~

On Christmas 1990, my kids surprised me with this beautiful new bicycle. I had seen it in ads before and thought about buying it for myself, even though it was a boy’s bicycle. It had lights on the front fender, three red reflectors on the back, and four small reflectors on either side of the back carrier, then each wheel had reflectors on the spokes. There were comfort springs under the saddle seat and springs on the front fork. It was the ‘Jet Liner’,  top of the line! Oh my goodness, I was SO happy.  

here are the papers that came with it. I have kept the box it came in and there is a note inside that I wrote about the thrill of getting it that year.

this is the original box it came in, I have kept the box wrapped and in the attic

No, I never got to ride it, it is a miniature and only 12 inches long. It is an exact replica of the Columbia Classic RX-5 edition, the faithful reproduction of the 1952 Five Star model. This is one of those gifts that I have enjoyed for twenty five years. I keep it on the built-ins by the fire place and walk past it many times a day. I know we are not supposed to love “things”, so I just have to say I LIKE  this little bicycle a thousand times over~ and then some~

Hot Tamale Recipe for Christmas

here are a few of the tamales Anna made, the rest were packaged and put in the freezer to enjoy for the next few months

This is a post from four years ago but I thought it was worth posting again.  I just finished my tamales yesterday and am wondering how many more years I will be able to make them. It is hard work but one of my favorite projects. If you try it, you might like to have a friend over to help with the work.

I learned to make tamales from my neighbor Goya Piná  when I was first married, almost 63 years ago. It is easier to learn from helping and watching than from reading a recipe. But you will learn fast, tamales are the most wonderful of all Mexican foods. My two boys learned to make them and then my daughters in law and granddaughters too. Debbie keeps them in her freezer all year long for Dan to take to work for lunch. There is something special about laying six or ten or fifteen dozen tamales out on the counter to cool and to then package up for the freezer. Such an accomplishment and what fun! (it will make your back tired)   

Buy 2  pork roast,
10 lb bag chicken hind quarters
4 lb bag of MesaCa Instant Corn Mix, (flour sections at HEB or Wal-Mart)
2 Pkg. Fiesta Brand Corn Shucks, (it will be by the Mesa Mix)
Garlic Powder (buy large bottle)
Gibharts Chili Powder
Camino or Cumin (buy large bottle)
Corn Oil
Day one
2 pork roast,
(cut into fist size chunks, cover with water and boil about 2 1/2 hours or until really tender. Take meat out of broth to cool, then shred it with your fingers, removing the fat. Save broth in refrigerator and the next day you can skim the hard fat off the broth and throw it out.
Chicken Hind Quarters
Cover with water in large pot, boil until done, about 1 1/2 hours. Then take chicken out of broth, let broth cool and put it in the refrigerator, when it is cold the fat will come off in a chunk. Remove skin from chicken, take meat off the bones, and shred. (don’t grind)
Combine both meats in large pan, and mix together, then add the seasoning (below), and thoroughly mix with your hands. This takes about 10 minutes.
1/2 c corn oil
6 T. Gibharts chili powder
3 T garlic powder (not garlic salt!)
3 T ground cumin (cumino)
1 T.(or less) black pepper or to taste, start off with about half this much pepper and then add more if you want them hotter.
1 1/2 T salt, or to taste. After you mix in the salt, keep tasting until it seems right. You might need a little more. Be careful with the salt, too much can ruin the tamales.
Mix the oil and seasoning in a small pan and warm on stove. Pour over meat and mix until it is completely distributed through meat. Keep tasting until the flavor suits you. Put the meat in the refrigerator covered until ready to make the tamales.
Day Two or Tamale Day
Mesa dough mix:
2 lbs. MesaCa instant corn mix (It comes in a 4 lb bag, use half  a bag).
Broth from the pork and chicken that has had the fat skimmed off. Have it warm.
2 c corn oil
1 1/2 T salt (it may take more salt, just taste and add more if needed, be careful with the salt)
1 T cumin, (you can also add 1 T cumin seeds if you have them)
2 T Gibharts Chili Powder
3 T garlic powder
In a large bowl mix the spices into the mesa until it is complete incorporated. Add the oil and about 2 quarts of the warm chicken /pork broth. Work with your hands to make dough, then start adding more broth and work it in. If it is too dry, you will add enough warm water to get it right for spreading. It should be about like thick peanut butter.  Shucks:   Place in warm water in the sink to soften,  for about an hour, separate them carefully~Notice! if you have left over meat, you can freeze it and make another batch of tamales on another day. It will keep in the freezer perfectly for about 3 months (when you aren’t so tired~)

Putting Tamales Together
Take some of the shucks out of water, shake water off and lay them on the counter.

it should be the about like peanut butter, it won’t hurt you to eat it raw~we tamale cooks do lots of tasting~

spread masa 2/3rds from left side, leave 1/3rd on the right side and top third clean

Lay a shuck across your palm, the small end toward your fingers, scoop up about 1/2 cup of the dough onto a spatula and smear it on the shuck (you want to cover the shuck on the left side to about 2/3rds over, leaving 1/3rd with no masa on it. Now, go to the next shuck and do the same, laying them out on the counter as you put the masa on them.

here is the chicken and pork that has been shredded, don’t chop or grind it.

put a tablespoon of meat on top of masa and roll up, then tuck the top under

When you run out of room, take some of the meat, about a tablespoon full and lay it on the masa, one inch from the left edge. Roll the tamale up like you were rolling a cigarette, then fold top of shuck over and lay it on the counter with the fold on the underside. Now, keep doing until all the shucks with the masa are rolled.  

tucking the top end under, lay them on the counter with the tucked side on the bottom until ready to put in the pot





Get more shucks and repeat the same process. You will have about 4 dozen or more. To cook the tamales, you need a large pot with something in the bottom to keep the tamales up out of the water while they steam. You can crumple up a bunch or foil in the bottom and put a cooking rack on top of that to keep up out of the water.    

tilt the pan over and start stacking tamales in until it is full, now you don’t want them packed too tightly~

 Start Stacking the tamales upright, I tilt the pan on it’s side to stack them. The open end will face upwards. Add about 3 pints of hot water, put on the lid and bring to boil, then reduce to medium heat and steam for about 2 hours. Check water level several times, you DON’T want it to boil dry, add more hot water as needed.

add three pints of hot water put lid on and steam for 2 hours. Check often to see that the water isn’t boiling dry. Add more as necessary, if water boils dry, the tamales will scorch and be ruined~

after two hours, take out one tamale, let cool on counter for 5 minutes, unwrap, the shuck should slip right off, it should be firm with no sticky or wet mas 


let the tamales cool completely before packaging them. At this point you can eat as many as you like, who will know~

After two hours, take one tamale out and lay on counter to cool for five minutes, then unwrap it it test for doneness. It should be firm with no raw or wet looking masa. When done, remove all tamales from pan and cool on the counter.

six tamales will fit nicely in a quart size freezer bag.






When completely cool, place six to a bag in quart size freezer bags.

 I usually have three pots of tamales steaming at once. You can buy nice large steaming pots at Wal Mart and they are not expensive. This will be a proud day for you if this is your first time to make tamales. You will feel rich! Your family will be thankful ~


Christmas Picture

The three of us on our way to church. Elizabeth was six years old.

The three of us on our way to church. Elizabeth was six years old.

 Another re-run from four years ago. I was packing my bags, getting ready to go half way around the world to spend Christmas with ZZ in Kenya. I was beyond happy! I never get tired of Christmas stories and remembering exciting times.

I bought this tree at Hobby Lobby and it was easy to put up and decorate, I was even able to get it back in the big box . I never imagined  I could settle for an artificial tree, I liked it though

I bought this tree at Hobby Lobby and it was easy to put up and decorate, I was even able to get it back in the big box . I never imagined I could settle for an artificial tree, I liked it though

Our family has almost always been able to be together for Christmas, it goes  on for  a week or more, some of it here and some in San Angelo. Our times together were always a special blessing for me and Dan. There was a lot of visiting, eating great meals and music. This picture is one someone took just as we were leaving for church one morning and I didn’t see it until everyone had gone home and later I had the film developed. Most of our pictures were on video and I enjoyed watching those and reliving the fun of our Christmas but this is the one I liked the most. ZZ stayed with us another week or two after the others went home, that is when we got down to serious fun. Then I would load her up with Little Sweet, Spook and Blue Boy and we would head out for New Mexico.

Thank you Lord Jesus for being in our lives. Merry Christmas to all~

Another Merry Christmas

OK girls, jump over the fence, this is a good one!

OK girls, jump over the fence, this is THE ONE!

Daddy took us out to the country every year and chopped down a cedar bush and it was our Christmas tree. It always had several tops, and needed a lot of shaping when we got home. Always the same question, “Liz, where is the Christmas tree stand?” Who knew, it had been a year. It was just two boards he crisscrossed and put a nail in the the bottom and into the tree trunk.  It had to be propped up with strings to the base boards, and a few bricks with strings up into the branches. Mother put the lights on and we decorated the rest of it. Nothing like the elaborate trees now. It smelled good. There were lots of stories of whose  house burned down when Daddy was a boy, back when they used live candles on the trees. Everyone knew of someone  who died in a fire at Christmas time, and yes even Cousin Nora, (she had a twin sister named Cora). Daddy had other  stories to tell his three little girls. One year he said there wasn’t going to be Christmas because Santa Claus was in a motorcycle wreck, (his favorite joke). It seemed every Christmas Day while Mother was cooking the big dinner he would say, “Liz, what did you do with Grandpa Elder’s old razor”? (an antique safety razor that Daddy ended up with after Grandpa died). Mother just kept cooking and we all knew he was fixing to start looking. Finally he would end up in the bedroom to empty the top of the closet looking for the razor. (I hated that thing, later  I gave it to the Museum). He told us about how he got an orange or apple for Christmas every year and that really is what kids got. Since we grew up during the WW II, there wasn’t anything to buy, it all went to the war effort. So our gifts were used things mother found or bought and fixed up for us. Wonderful gifts that we loved and enjoyed. One year Mother found a small used table radio and refinished the wooden case to make it like new. We listened to programs every night after we went to bed. There was The Shadow, Inner Sanctum~with it’s scary organ music~Everyone Loves a Mystery, George Burns & Gracie Allan, and Abbott & Costello. It was these simple things that made us happy. Getting that radio was one of the best. The dinner was always wonderful, Mother started early Christmas morning baking corn bread and biscuits for the dressing, then there was the turkey and cranberry sauce, all the things to make a feast. A couple of years ago I decided to see if I could still put a whole turkey dinner together, I started at 7:00 one morning and it was ready to eat at 8:30 that night. I made freezer dinners out of it and had enough to last for almost a month. That is one meal that freezes perfectly. Merry Christmas!

A Christmas To Remember

Another of one of those most memorable Christmas’  was in the early 1940s. I was eight, Tricia was nine and Nancy was four. Mother always made things extra special for us.  When it was time for Santa to come, we ran across the street to get Granddad and Grandmother Christian, it took them a while to get their coats on and check the stoves and turn off the lights. Santa Clause always left our surprise sitting there under the tree unwrapped. When we walked in it was dancing and squealing time. The first thing I saw was a tricycle he had left for Nancy. I didn’t see a new doll or anything else, just the wrapped packages that had been there all week. Mother was smiling and happy and Daddy was too. We started opening our gifts, the usual new pajamas, a book, a game, a card with a dollar in it, and soon every gift had been opened . Nancy was already on her big new tricycle so we were pushing her around the room. (I was ashamed to be feeling SO disappointed) Mother made some hot chocolate with marshmallows and we were stacking our gifts up in their own neat little piles. Then Daddy said ‘Wait, there is a card up in the tree!” He handed it to Tricia and she read it, “look in the front bedroom”.

(I had to color a B&W picture to show). The tires were a small problem, they had to be aired up every time we rode it, no paved streets back then. It didn’t stop us though. Once I decided to really fill  the tires so they would stay up longer, I went to Pete Bryant’s Station, rode home, went in the house and in a little while, heard “POP!”

We opened the door and there it was! A beautiful, wonderful, bright blue bicycle. Tricia and I cried and hugged each other and yelled and danced like never before. We just couldn’t believe we had a bicycle. I can feel the thrill as I write this. The next morning was cold and windy and neither of us knew how to ride, we both got pretty skinned up but by the end of the day, we had learned. The bicycle had belonged to our Aunt Maxine and been stored in the rafters of Granddad’s garage. Mother took it and completely refinished and restored it like new. New paint, saddle seat, handlebar grips and the tires had been patched and were holding air. Because of the war, bicycles were not something you could buy or new tires either. What a wonderful Christmas, and there have been many of them, but nothing ever compared to this one and the blue bicycle! Oh, we did have a most precious mother~

Mexican Children

This little boy was named Bebe Tomas. he was friendly and he could swim like a fish~

This little boy was named Bebe Tomas. he was friendly and he could swim like a fish~

This is a little Mexican boy I painted in 1969. I saw him In Valles Mexico at Christmas time. He was with his family and was staying at the hotel across the road from the trailer park . He told us he was “cinco anos”  and his name was “Bebe Tomas”.  

here he is with two of his sisters, the smallest girl had slipped on the wet patio and bumped her head so she was taking a nap~

He had three sisters and his mother was expecting another baby soon~ His parents were visiting with their friends and sipping wine in the Cantina while the children stayed in the pool all day.  It was scary and made me uneasy, the smallest girl would jump in and swim underwater to the other side, bobbing up for air when she needed to. She was probably about two years old. She was like a little cork, I never saw anyone swim like that. I liked having the picture of the little boy, he was a beautiful child and probably lived a privileged life but I am not all that sure. He was watching Dan smoke his pipe, and he was fascinated by it,  he wanted to know if Dan smoked cigarettes too and if he owned many horses~   “no and no”

Christmas Fruit Cake

I realize that not  everyone likes fruit cakes. There are lots of jokes out there about them. My family is the exception, we love them. It may be because we had Grandmother Montgomery’s old recipe with real fruit and none of the bitter citron and dried stuff. It had canned pineapple, maraschino cherries, apple sauce, raisins and a lot of pecans. It was delicious and would stay fresh in the refrigerator until the last piece was gone. Tricia started making fruit cakes as Christmas gifts for all of us and soon she was the one we depended on. Dan especially liked them, he would cut a thin slice and have it with his coffee every afternoon. One year Tricia was going to spend Christmas with Nancy’s family and she brought my pretty package a week early.  It was heavy, of course I knew what it was and put it in the refrigerator to keep until Christmas. Then on Christmas Eve, I whipped some cream and folded in pineapple chunks to serve on the slices for everone. I opened my package and you can imagine my surprise when I found, instead of a fruit cake, a beautiful heavy cut crystal bowl~ nice and cold.

this is the large hand cut crystal serving bowl, not the Christmas fruit cake I was expecting. The cake would have been gone in a month, the bowl is forever~

 Another one of those Christmas surprises, and one that I have enjoyed all these years. It is a beautiful bowl and I always use it for fruit salads when I have company. I am hoping I get my fruit cake this year, I am hungry just writing about it.

Christmas Surprise

Christmas with our family is always full of surprises. I will be having Christmas stories on my blog off and on until Christmas. Today’s was from 18 years ago. We always go to Dan’s and Debbie’s house in San Angelo for Christmas. Debbie has a wonderful Christmas Eve super and she also makes a huge Christmas dinner the next day. There is a lot of fun going on up there.  That year, there was a big gift under the tree, all wrapped up with ribbons and bows, it was an odd shape.  I was in on the ‘secret’, Debbie told me it was a new headboard for Stacy’s bed and it was exciting because I knew she would be SO surprised. Opening gifts got going and finally everyone had opened their things, except for Stacy’s present. Then they brought it to ME!  I was puzzled I thought they had made a mistake. When I opened it, it wasn’t a headboard at all, instead it was this beautiful sign with MCWHORTER carved on it. 

it was four feet long and two inches thick and absolutely beauriful

Dan had made it out of special ordered redwood that had  no knots or flaws. He hand carved it with a hammer and a chisel, (not a router),  every letter was perfect. Then he carved the  beautiful pineapple for the top.

a pineapple is the sign of hospitality Dan carved it out of bass wood, it is thick and stands out from the sign itself. No way was I going to put this sign outdoors~

 I was overwhelmed. I never owned anything so nice, not ever~ There were also 4 X 4 redwood posts with hand carved gold leaf finials on top. It was painted in hunter green marine paint and the lettering was 18 ct gold leaf. They meant for me to put it in the orchard by the flag pole. I wouldn’t even consider that, it was too fine to be put out in the weather. I hung it over the eating  bar in the den and I enjoy it every day. I made another sign for the road, no pineapple on it but people can find my house.  ZZ carved a sign for their house and also made a CAMP ROCK sign for the river). We all had so much fun carving. This was my nicest surprise gift ever, it is a beautiful work of art. Proud Mama~

British Airways~ Trip to Africa

This is my blog from four years ago. It was about this time of year when I was getting ready to make that long trip half way around the world to be with Elizabeth for Christmas. A lot has happened since then, she and John were married in January of this year and are expecting a baby girl in then next few days. I wish I were on that plane on the way back over there again. I will have to settle for phone calls and pictures for a while. This is going to be the first baby in my family in almost 27 years, that was when Elizabeth was born. This is a dream come true. First time to be a great-grammy.

We left Dallas in this British Airways 747, headed for London, our only stop on the way to Nairobi Kenyetta, Kenya

One of the exciting parts of the trip for me would be flying. I have flown a few times on Southwest from Midland to Albuquerque and that was a huge thrill so I knew I would enjoy the long trip halfway around the world on a British Airways 777 or 747. I was not disappointed. DFW to Nairobi, eighteen hours with one plane change in London. I had a window seat all the way there and back, I got my money’s worth, I was glued to that window. Traveling in our group were Paul, Benton, Lisa, Abbie and me.

there was a flight attendant at this point to show the fancy people to their seats in the elite section

When we first boarded in Dallas I saw a huge plane, the 747’s are twenty feet shorter than a football field, it was exciting. First we went past the door to First Class, then the circular staircase leading to the Upper Deck Club World, then to the main deck of Club World~these seats were sort of like  private boxes with side trays and fancy reclining seats.  (keep going, that’s not us) then on to World Traveler Plus.

really nice seating, each area had nice  restrooms close by with stainless steel fittings and black counters. There were small kitchen areas between the seating class sections.

Finally  but not lastly, Economy was there somewhere in between~that was us!  It is the largest area, with ten seats across each row with two aisles. The seats are nice with adjustable headrests, each is fitted with a  personal TV screen, headphones, and a choice of movies, TV programs or a Google-like screen to show the map and where the plane is at any given time, you could see the flight pattern. I loved this!

here is a map showing our position, it was fun seeing where we were

this screen showed the altitude and speed.

I could see we were flying over France, Monaco, the Mediterranean Sea, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Sahara and Libyan Deserts of Africa. On the trip home, we even flew over Greenland.

When we were waiting in the Heathrow airport  in London, the flight crew marched in, they went through an identity check and walked into a glassed in room to wait until it was time to leave. There were about 16 flight attendants, walking two by two, dressed in their matching uniforms. I wanted to stand up, cheer and sing! They were those who would make the trip special with wonderful food and a lot of it. Even turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce,  mincemeat pie, and drinks, (being British, tea was served often). There were packages with a  fleece blanket, a small pillow, earphones and even a toothbrush and toothpaste on our seats. During the night, I got up to use the restroom and realized I must be the only one on the plane who was awake, everyone was covered in their blankets with seats reclined, sleeping away. It was a sweet sight. I spent the whole time looking out the window at the faint minuscule lights below, it was especially beautiful over Monaco with the lights outlining the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Times like this I wanted to wake someone up to come and look with me. During this long flight there were some funny times, I hope I am not in trouble for showing my favorite picture. I won’t name any names though~

this girl was saying. ‘oh pleeeeze!’

When we were about four hours from Nairobi, I started getting excited because Elizabeth would be there waiting for us. Then as we landed I was trying to compose myself, I do get emotional. I let her papa grab her up first and hug her for a long time and then she ran to me and and I held that sweet child I have loved all of her life. I can’t began to explain the feelings. Life is good, God is Great.    

 1 Corinthians 13, 8. (faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love)