Chickens for the Children’s Rescue Centre

the original rooster from last summer, about half of them were lost to a virus but the new ones have been vaccinated and will be healthy.

Last summer, one of the projects for the Children’s Rescue Center in Maili Saba was to buy chickens. This meant also having a chicken coop built and fencing off an area to keep the chickens out of the garden. The plan was to eventually have enough chickens that each of the twenty children in the orphanage would have two eggs a day, one to eat and one to sell. When we went to Kitale over Christmas, many of the chickens had died from a virus so Paul again bought new ones to replace them.

they have a big chicken coop but are also let out to roam around the yard.~

these are a few of the new chickens, when you buy them you can specify hens and they are usually pretty accurate

When we were running races in the play yard, I heard the chickens squawking and wondered about them. Someone told me they were getting vaccinated, this will take care of the problem and keep them healthy.

this rooster liked the dinning room, he was determined and came back in every time he was asked to leave

The rooster at the orphanage was in the dinning room with a black hen all one afternoon. She was trying to find a good place to lay an egg and I tried to shoo her out of several rooms. Some of the little girls said she had been laying eggs in their room. They can raise some baby chicks, then keep the hens and use the young roosters for food. I like chickens, we have had them in our family for several years, only for pets and the eggs. They will die of old age, no one is ever going to have them for dinner. 

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