Children from the Villages near Kitale

we had been told we would be stared at and not to be offended, this child probably never saw a white person before and was curious. The other children are those we brought from the orphanage to read Bible verses to the others.

I couldn’t get all the pictures on a recient blog so today I will show you some of the people who live in the villages out from Mali Saba. 


The children are beautiful, something you notice all over Kenya. They are quiet and polite and don’t fight with each other.

the families are large, they want large families and prefer having boys. They have their babies at home and if something goes wrong, there is no money for a hospital.

You can see the older children taking care of the babies in the family. I don’t know how they wrap them up to carry them on their backs, I wish I had asked. They would have been happy to show me.

this little girl was not too happy, she wasn’t crying but there were tears.

I didn’t hear any babies crying the whole time on the trip, this little girl had tears but it only lasted a minute. I wanted every baby I saw. I wanted this one~ 

The baby was really interested in what was going on, the little girl was laughing at me. All the kids loved to see their pictures on the camera screen afterwards.


these two little girls were all smiles, they had gotten used to the white faces. I remember when I was about four years old and saw my first black person. I went blank, I had no idea what happened to her. These children are the same, they didn’t have a clue as  to why we weren’t brown~


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