Christmas Carolers

this is what I opened my door to last Sunday, what a wonderful surprise~

Someone knocked on my door one Sunday afternoon last year and when I opened it, there were about 30 people loaded on two trailers and others standing in the yard! They were ready to serenade me with wonderful Christmas music. There was even a guitar player! This was a huge surprise. This was a huge thrill. It was the youth group from the First Methodist Church  in Eldorado, I recognized so many of my little friends. It was a beautiful evening, nice and warm, just perfect for caroling. I know they took their music all over town and brought so much Christmas Spirit and Joy to others, but it would be hard to imagine anyone more happy than I was. I even got some hugs! Thank you all for this special blessing~I am enjoying it all over again writing about it. Warmest Love and Merry Christmas 

they sang  beautiful Christmas music

perfect day, warm and no wind

everyone was having a good time

then off they went to their next gig~

time to say goodbye, it was truly wonderful

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