Covered Wagon Heading West

all the nice soft things for a good bed

The story goes that Thomas McCann met Blossom Blue at a social affair in Boston and had to act fast, he was on his way to Oregon to stake his claim on the new frontier. He didn’t have a real commitment from Miss Blossom but would woo her with letters until he could return for her later. He loaded up his wagon with trunks, bedding, tools, cooking utensils, and  everything he could carry to set up housekeeping.

a muzzle loader and 6 shooters in his gun belt,

He would be packing his six shooters and a muzzle loader. The gun powder is in the powder horn,  or in this case, a rooster spur.


Saws, hammer,brace & bit, and a good hatchet

Next he gathered up all the tools for building a place to live once he got there.


here are gardening tools which will go in a tool shed once it is built, A kerosene lantern is an important item, and a mouse trap~

A crate and gardening tools, they would be stored in a tool shed when he gets one built. The lantern is one of the most important things he owns

the photograph album is filled with old pictures

Some treasures are packed too, the telephone was ahead of it’s time but will be handy in the future

I can imagine the sweet sound of a guitar , softly filling the evening with it’s music 

 And how about a little music,(get your guitar baby)
 I will finish my Covered Wagon up soon,  then get back to flowers and recipes etc.

3 thoughts on “Covered Wagon Heading West

  1. Are Thomas and Blossom on their way to the new land and new life? All the little things they were taking along were wonderful. Poor horses or whoever had to pull the wagon. However Thomas and Blossom would appreciate all the things they brought with them. Can you imagine starting life on the spot and sleeping a few nights in the wagon until they could put together a home? I just went right with them. Just loved it!!

    • Thank you Nancy, I loved doing this one. They would have oxen to pull the wagon or a team of mules. It is kind of sad, when a mother said goodbye to her daughter, she would know she might never see her again. Then Blossom was so giddy headed, she wouldn’t realize how much she was going to miss her family and end up crying until Thomas would wonder what on earth he was going to do with her. I remember when Dee took my baby sister off to Pittsburgh and how hard that was, having you so far away and for so long. I was happy when you all moved back. Love you, Rita

    • Oh Nancy, one more thing, I made everything authentic. The mattress had pee stains on, (I poured a little bit of coffee on it) Thomas’ little brother had slept on it and wet the bed~ Tomas didn’t realize it until he and Blossom got there and unloaded it.

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