Eagle Vision Jesus Praise Centre, Kenya

Elizabeth and I stood by the water before everyone else arrived. It was a beautiful place and lots of water.

Today’s blog is after church Sunday three years ago at the Eagle Vision Jesus Praise Centre in Mili Saba. Paul and Benton held the service with a wonderful sermon and scripture readings.  Then they handed out new Bibles to those where going to be baptized in the river afterwards. It touched our hearts to see these people brought to Christ.

there was a crowd of believers watching and other folks too~

We all went to the river in cars where twelve new believers were baptized. Pastor Martin Masinde started by praying that the water be purified and sanctified before baptisms began.

there were several cows there to drink in the shallow water, the young girl herding them was nicely dressed, something I noticed about all the African women~

It was an impressive ceremony but not without a little of humor, three men came riding up on a donkey cart, needing to fill their barrels with water, while on  the other side, several cows stood in the water drinking, and doing other things (which was OK, the water was dirty anyway).  Everyone was properly baptized, they were dunked all the way under.  What a wonderful day, I thought of them and prayed for them today while I sat in church. They filled me with their joy for the Lord~

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