Far Far Away

I get new pictures almost every day and it makes me happy. This is one of my favorites, a picture from Soroti Uganda. These two sweet girls are actually sitting in a mud hut with no running water or electricity. They and their family were visiting a young friend who built it and lives there on his $30 monthly income.

Two of my special  somebodies~

Two of my special somebodies~

I ran this picture through Adobe Photoshop and will use for my screen saver. Good morning to my sweet ones~ ZZ, John and the lovely Miss Gavriella.

2 thoughts on “Far Far Away

  1. Dear Rita,
    This is such a sweet picture. I still keep up with your blog and think about you daily. I hope to see you soon and hear about your many adventures.


    • Austin, and someone still had her hair here and it is beautiful~ She is still cute but I loved that soft curly hair. I hope you are having a good time. I miss Bible Study. Love, Rita

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