General Robert E. Lee

one of my favorite paintings, it was a pleasure to paint this great man, I knew his history and felt like I knew him personally by the time I was finished.

I painted this picture of Gen. Robert E. Lee in 1984, from a photograph by Mathew Brady~ published in Harper’s Weekly at the time, the caption read:  “This photograph shows a picture of Robert E. Lee. The picture was taken shortly after Lee’s surrender. The photograph was taken by Mathew Brady, and shows the General in his uniform. Despite his recent loss in the War, the General still stands tall and proud. ” I enjoyed painting this picture of the General  tremendously, he was one of the really great men of all times. The painting  belongs to one of my sons, he found a mistake, he said “General Lee did not have blue eyes.” 

4 thoughts on “General Robert E. Lee

  1. This immediately caught my eye when it came up in my Google Reader — he commands your attention (in a good way!). The texture on his clothing is so realistic, and I love his beard. Even if he did not have blue eyes in real life, they work wonderfully in this painting ;-).

    • I had a great great grandfather (Col. Doctor Peter Woods) who was in the Civil War. One day I will write about him. A few years back, CBS ran a mini series from the book ‘True Women’ written by Janice Woods Windel which was the story of Peter Woods and his family during the war. His daughter Little Sweet was my great grandmother and I remember her well.

  2. Rita , this is a great portrait picture…you have so much talent and I am in awe of all of the things you do!! You do everything in all medias and are so good. I love and appreciate the time you spend having a blog and sharing…I would love to be a fly on the wall and see you as you do all your projects…from painting, cooking, gardening, sewing, reconditioning, photographing, organizing, taking care of pets and the list goes on and on!!! If you ever want to have a “Camp Rita”, I would love to attend…You are such an inspiration…I love you dearly!! Bunny Lester Ruddick

    • Bunny, you need to start a blog, it is more fun than Face Book, you have plenty of time and space to put a page together. I know you have a lifetime of sweet stories you could write about. It is like a personal journal and with great pictures too. You don’t have to post every single day but it is addictive. The more you write, the more things you want to write about. I could almost write a blog on your family, I knew them all my life. Thank you for writing.

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