Growing Fruit Trees from Seeds

I sprouted 40 apricot seeds, have 17 in buckets.

I sprouted 40 apricot seeds, have 17 planted in buckets.

Happy Surprise this morning! One of my Loring peach seeds sprouted during the night. I have been working for 9 weeks on these little trees, there are 17 apricot trees and the one Loring peach so far. It is almost as good as raising puppies!
You can sprout an apricot, peach or nectarine seed and they come out true to the mother tree. No grafting needed on these. Here are the steps:

1. Save seed from a good native tree,
2. Remove little kernel inside the outer hard seed with a hammer, don’t damage it.
3 Wrap kernels in a wet paper towel and put in refrigerator for 6 to 10 weeks, until a little root starts to pop out. (be very patient) This cooling period is necessary.
4. Plant kernels in small buckets filled with potting soil, cover with plastic bags. Set on a warm porch and check often to keep moist. When sprouts pop up, set in a place with morning and late afternoon sun.
5. After about 3 months or more transplant into gal. size buckets.
6. I keep them for a year before I give them away so they will have a good start. I still have Indian peach seeds that startedĀ from my daddy’s trees 50 years ago. I have Indian, Loring, Princess, and seeds from the FLDS orchard, chilling in the refrigerator. They will be ready to plant in another few weeks.

The Loring peach is in the top left hand bucket. I has grown an inch this morning.

The Loring peach is in the top left hand bucket. I has grown an inch this morning.

This three year old tree had several peaches this year, great for sampling!

This three year old tree had several peaches this year, great for sampling!

I lost my large fruit trees last year when they sprayed for prickly pear over at the I am starting over. Plant a tree wherever you go, you will enjoy it and those who come after you will enjoy it also.



5 thoughts on “Growing Fruit Trees from Seeds

  1. Thanks Rita, I grew an apricot tree from a seed and wondered if it would be true to the parent. It’s been in the garden for about 5 years and had half a dozen flowers this year but no fruit yet!
    I see you are an artist too, only from the comments, I will try to see if I can find some of your art online, but now I’m off to church, thanks again and God Bless. Xx

    • Sylvia, if you plant seeds from a tree that came from your area (which is a good producer) is should grow good fruit. Also, it takes an apricot tree 5 years or more to start having lots of fruit. They make beautiful trees. Good luck and be patient~ You can type in Rita McWhorter on your browser and find my paintings.

    • I hope others will try this method of sprouting fruit seeds. If you live in Texas and buy trees from Georgia, they may not do so well, you need to have the right tree for the right zone, otherwise they will bloom too early and the fruit will get killed by a late frost. It also has to have the right amount of cold in the winter to make fruit. And it is fun to grow things. Nothing like a fresh home grown peach or apricot and the nice thing is they don’t all get ripe at the same time. Try it!

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