WEB Site Launched!

Rita McWhorter

After years of thinking about it, I had finally decided to publish a Blog. I planed to share a little bit of what I had learned over a lifetime.

Hello, this was my first blog when I launched it January 13, 2012. I had been having a great time with Face Book when a son told me I should do a blog instead, that I “was too wordy”. I loved it, I checked the stat counter every day to see how many people clicked in. When the number hit 9, I was thrilled. (Then that same son told me that all the clicks came from my own computer where I had kept checking the stats several times a day). Anyway, I had so many good pictures to post and comments about them, I would get started at 4:00 in the morning, find a picture, write something about it and have it published by daylight. That was panic time. Then I started making several posts at a time so I could get ahead a few days and just have them automatically come up. It has been fun remembering things that happened a lifetime ago. One memory sparks another and on and on~

I just celebrated my 84 birthday six days ago, life is good, I have been blessed with sweet memories, and great things are coming up in the future. For the past few months I have taken a break from the blog, I had other things that needed my attention. Since then I have painted more and read more, and just started hosting the Bible study group on Friday nights at my house. We have a wonderful meal, then an hour of intense Bible study with Paul leading us in the Word and we enjoy a special  time with friends.

9 thoughts on “WEB Site Launched!

  1. Oh, Rita!!! I am SO excited! This is one of your BEST ideas yet!! Your humor makes your “wisdom” unforgettable. No one can inspire me to get going on a project like you can. If your energy, enthusiasm, and “wisdom” could be bottled—most of this country’s problems could be solved quickly!!

  2. Oh, Rita! I am so thrilled that I get to get to peak into the creative genius of you anytime I want :). Best wishes and happy blogging!

  3. Rita, ditto to all the above comments!! This is wonderful that you have launched this. I am sure Geneva is reading it from above!!! Keep up the good work! I am still loving the on going story about the little boat!! Myrt

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