It Finally Hit Me

This picture doesn't have much to do with the story except it was taken a few days after my ego was shot to pieces.

This picture doesn’t have much to do with the story except it was taken a few days after my ego was shot to pieces.

Once when we were in Mexico on our way to Guadalajara, we stopped in Monterrey to fill up and I went across the street to a big Super Market to buy a bag of ice. I stood in line at the check out and told the woman what I needed, ‘me gusta una bolsa hielo por favor’ (Dan had told me what to ask for). Anyway, the woman just stood there and didn’t respond~ I thought she didn’t understand my Spanish so I repeated it. This time she just ignored me, and I turned to the man behind me and held my hands out to say, ‘what is wrong!’ The third time I asked she motioned me to stand  aside and waited on the next customers. OK, now I thought she was sending someone to bring the bag of ice. No and no, she was not going to wait on me at all. Finally I left and it almost ruined my trip that time, I couldn’t stop thinking about how rude she was and how embarrassed I felt to be completely ignored. I suffered hurt feelings~                                                                It was some time later when I remembered once when I was about 13 years old, Mother and Daddy had a service station down on the block next to the Woolen Mill and there was a small cafe that she owned and leased to someone else. I was in there one afternoon when an old station wagon drove up loaded down with kids and a Mexican man came in with a thermos and wanted some milk. The waitress said, ‘we don’t serve Mexicans’ and he reached in his pocket and showed her some bills, he had money to pay. She refused to serve him and he was getting upset so she got the owner from the back to come take care of it. There was some yelling going on, he told the man to get out RIGHT NOW!. The guy was so frustrated he threw his thermos into the big mirror and left. (I was thinking ‘why wouldn’t they just give him the milk’) The law caught up with him in a little while and off he went to jail. The sad part is that his old station wagon with his wife and kids  stayed parked at the court house for several days while he was in jail. It breaks my heart to remember this. I could have talked to my mother about it but I didn’t, maybe she could have helped them. When I finally put this incident together with that day in Monterrey, when I was discriminated against  because I was ‘gringo’, I understood how the Mexicans felt who were so mistreated when they came here. It has taken along time coming, but as Dan always said, “the old people have to die off with their old ideas to make things right.”



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