Kiddie Pool Gardening

I set out way too many tomato plants here, the next year I only planted four

the squash grows fast and is a big producer

The last few years, deer were wiping out my garden. They could eat every green bean plant in one night. I decided to try planting in kiddie swimming pools, the ones with the hard sides. I cut slashes in the bottom so they would drain and I put them  close to the back door. It must have been too confined for the deer, they didn’t bother anything. I was able to raise tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, bell peppers, okra and onions. The next year I bought more pools and now have seven of them. I use the same potting soil from year to year adding  more as needed. I had no problems with weeds, I just ran the weed eater around the outside of the pool if grass grew tall. Watering was easy, put the hose in and run it for 10 minutes. This has been going on for over 10 years now. One summer it was  terribly hot and we had no, the garden was pretty sad. I only raised cucumbers. The first warm day and I will be excited to get started again. We are born with the urge to grow things. Spring gets us stirred up, a package of seed just begs for dirt and water, and when the garden centers start getting in their new bedding plants, we all come alive. What a wonderful feeling~and there is nothing like a red ripe homegrown tomato. Some one said, “in Texas there are only two seasons, summer and winter and they show up in the same week. again and again. Already this month I have added three new fruit trees to my yard. They are blooming and will have fruit next year.

6 thoughts on “Kiddie Pool Gardening

  1. That looks like an ansmer for us,we have a very small back yard,so we could still have a little garden area with the swimming pools.Thanks,you have the heatest ideas. Juanice

  2. You can buy the pools at Wal Mart when the weather gets warmer. I use small ones and a couple of large ones. Just lay them flat on the ground and chop a few holes in the bottoms so they will drain, I do about 8 holes with a hatchet. I think this will be the easiest garden you ever had. Mine are next to the house so they do get a little shade some time of the day, they really grow the stuff! Love, Rita

  3. I just begun with 12 pools this year, to keep aggressive grass out, I buried mine to keep roots cool and put rocks over the rims to cover all sight of the plastic …which I don’t like the look of ( holes drilled for drainage with glued on metal screen over them) , but I’m still nervous about gophers which we have lots of. Has anyone had success with keeping gophers out with em? Maybe I should have put down metal mesh before I buried em? Any way, so far so good. Mine cost 7$ each delivered to my door for free from toys are us.
    Smiles across the miles

    • Luma, that sounds like a good idea. My pools have lasted six years, some of the first ones are starting to crack. They are not expensive so I don’t mind replacing them. Thank you for writing.

  4. Great idea. Have also seen where you can put holes in the sides every 12-18 inches for drainage instead of the bottom and put 2″ of vermiculite on the bottom with good soil above.

    • Dan, some of my kiddie pools are beginning to crack, it has been almost 9 years though, they have served their purpose. I like your idea about the holes in the sides. I am growing mustard greens and radishes right now.

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