Last Flight

The dove hit the window and left this wonderful image~

The dove hit the window and left this wonderful image~

There are six double windows in my sun room and often the birds I feed fly into one of them. Usually they just make a thumping sound and fly off. Once in a while it is a dove and they really hit hard. I run out to see if they are alright but sometimes they are lying in the hedge with a broken neck. That is sad, Doves have one mate and they stay together for their whole lives. Yesterday I heard the loud hit and knew this was not going to be good. I went out and picked him up out of the hedge and held him a few minutes to love him and let him know someone cared. I said, ‘I will take care of your girl and feed her every day’.  This evening when the sun was shinning on the windows, I saw where he had hit and it was a soft outline, a perfect ghost like image. There is also an image below him where another dove had hit last week, that one lived. I won’t wash it off and it may still be there until next time I clean the windows.(Which is not often). One of the greatest blessings is to have the beautiful wild life in my yard. Deer, wild turkeys and all the many birds. I have many bird stories~

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  1. What a beautiful silhouette to be the record of a terrible mistake. We have always fed the birds and have raised a bunch of new doves (and other birds) right under the feeders. We also had hummingbird feeders and those birds become quite tame {especially in drought years). I have had them looking over my shoulder as I refill the feeders so they can get back to defending their territory. One hummer would come hover in our kitchen window to let us know the nectar in the reservoir got low. Isn’t Nature just wonderful?

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