Mummies of Guanajuato

One of the attractions in Guanajuato Mexico are the mummy caves. It is a dark narrow corridor and the sides are lined with shelves holding mummified bodies, hundreds of them. They were moved there when people could not pay an $8 tax each year to keep their relatives in their graves. An epidemic of cholera killed so many that there was no room in the cemeteries and old bodies were disinterred and replaced with new ones. After 1958, there was a law passed that they were no longer allowed do this. The mummy caves are now a museum ~El Museo De Las Momias~ and one of Mexico’s biggest   tourist attraction. Books have been written about it, movies made and even songs about the mummies. We visited there in the 1960s and after the shock of seeing what it was, we  headed  back out the door. It was a haunting sight. It was even more horrifying than the one bullfight we walked out of. We didn’t take any pictures but if you want to see for yourself, you can print this in your browser:  El Museo De Las Momias

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