Our Forever Secret

KOBI JOE  Mr. Innocent

KOBI JOE    Mr. Innocent 

No one really knows what happened that day, Kobi and Miss Molly were at Grammy’s house for the weekend. She wasn’t taking very good  care of them, she was reading or something, maybe watching a movie or painting her nails. She just told this story a long  long time afterwards as she remembered. She heard a LOUD CRASH, and then sweet music drifting through the hall way. She ran to see what had happened and there was the music box on the floor and not a soul around except for Jitter who came to see what all the commotion was about.  She found Molly asleep on the sofa and Kobi was ‘no where to be found’. He often disappeared when someone had an accident on the carpet or anything else he might be blamed for. So this mystery was never solved, no one was accused and no one got in trouble.

Musical Mystery                       ~ and some day it will have it’s lid re-attached
Kobi's music box 2                                              Your secrets are safe

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