Pate Boone

Boone's Antique-Hardware and Lumber Store in Christoval Texas

Boone’s Antique-Hardware and Lumber Store in Christoval Texas

Every summer we used to spend a lot of time at the family place on the South Concho River near Christoval.  Daddy liked to go into town and shoot the breeze with people. His favorite place was Pate Boone’s. It was an antique-hardware-lumber store and Mr. Boone carried just about anything you might need without having to go into San Angelo 19 miles away. Daddy had been in the hardware business in Fort Davis  (Union Trading Post), so he and Mr. Boone had a lot in common. Pate was a distant relative of the famous Daniel Boone, explorer and folk hero who led an expedition to open up the  west in the late 1700’s. They even made a long running TV series in the 1960s about his life. Anyway, Daddy enjoyed all the stories and Pate loved telling them. Once he was interviewed on a TV show and was telling a long and interesting tale about something that happened in his earlier days. It involved two black men and Pate stopped in the middle of the story and apologized, “Oh I guess you younger folks don’t know them as blacks, I guess it is more proper to call them darkies”. He was a sweet man but he had his foot in his mouth. Shortest interview ever~He was truly a character from out of the past. When he died, Daddy said there would never be anyone who could fill his shoes~

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