Safe Houses in Kitale

Here is a lantana hedge that has been kept trimmed, behind it are some of the beautiful acacia (pronounced ah-See-see-uh) thorn trees. There is a compound on the other side of  this barrier.

More pictures from Kitale. One of the surprises is when you walk down the roads, they are lined with huge lantanna hedges or tall fences that are made from black wooden logs that have been split.

this is an entrance, it seems that almost anything will grow here, the landscaping is beautiful

There will be an entrance with a gate but most of the time the gate is just corrugated metal doors, large enough for a car to drive through. There is a guard house inside and if you rap on the door, someone appears.

there are lots of little areas for sitting out in the yards, places for flower gardens, huge avocado trees and banana trees

Inside there will be a beautiful compound with several nice stucco homes that have red metal tile roofs. The yards are landscaped, there are courtyards, patios, thatched roof huts and interesting  paths.

This little thatched roof hutch had a table and chairs for eating out in the garden area.

There are some are mansions with ornate iron gates and impressive grounds. 

The yard at Karibuni was outstanding, there was a small restaurant on the porch, they had a pet monkey named Malcolm.

While walking down Mili mani we passed a museum, a country club, a private girls school and more compounds. It was a beautiful 35 minute walk to town. Here is a couple from our group on their way home, it gets dark here every evening at 7:00. 

now to try to decide where to eat dinner, the favorite was Mt Elgon and that sizzling steak  or  chapati, which is a wonderful flat bread that is dripping in butter~

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