Number One Dog

she was my baby for almost 19 years, she was home with me longer than my children, it fills me up to think of her. What a precious little sweetheart~

This is one of my favorite pictures of my sweet little Spook. We found her abandoned on the road two miles from our house and brought her home to be ours for almost 19 years.  

Spook was always happy, she liked to go in the car and wherever I went, she went~she looks big but she was all fluff, she weighed about 16 lbs.

She was my baby, it makes me happy to think of her and all the wonderful times we had together. I would never leave her, if she couldn’t go, I wouldn’t go.  

I made her frilly collars and she liked dressing up. She had one for every occasion, she liked her hair bows too~

She was smart,  I would tell her to go get her card from Nancy, she would think a minute, go to the bedroom to her toy basket and get the birthday card in the red envelope and bring it to me. Then I would read it to her. I still have it with all her little teeth marks on it. I could tell her to go get her toothbrush, and off she would go and bring it to me and lie in my lap and let me brush her teeth. (that was also treat time)

Here she is in her trick or treat outfit. This picture was taken when she was a year old.

Once she backed the car into the street at the grocery store in Sonora. A woman came in the store and said, “your dog~she drive the car!”  If you have had a dog, you have known love~

The Real Story

My little sister Nancy had a best friend Barbara, they only lived a block apart  growing up.  They had lots of fun together. Nancy had a Model T Ford pickup and they rode around town in it, or sometimes in Barbara’s daddy’s Hudson.

Two good friends who were pretty creative when it came to sticking to the real story~

Two good friends who were pretty creative when it came to changing the facts to soften the punishment~

It was 1952 and I was home from college and working at Blake’s Electric keeping books for the summer. I saw Nancy and Barbara drive by and park over across the street at the Variety Store. When Barbara got out of the car, she fell flat on her face on the pavement, got up and dusted herself off and they went in to shop.I couldn’t stop laughing, it was a pretty clumsy fall. Later that evening I saw them again and asked Barbara what happened. Barbara said she had hung her heel in the hem of her skirt and that caused her to fall, she had this big bandage on her forehead. Much worse than I thought~they told me she had to have 4 stitches. Years later Nancy confessed to me what the real story was.They had gone over to our house later and Daddy had a rifle propped up behind the kitchen door. Barbara asked if it was loaded and Nancy said she didn’t know so Barbara stood on the porch, pointed it at the ground and pulled the trigger. When it went of, it recoiled (kicked) and the butt hit her in the head. They kept this secret so they wouldn’t get in trouble and years later Nancy finally told me the real story. She made me promise not to tell~I never did so now we will keep this between you and me~