WEB Site Launched!

Rita McWhorter

After years of thinking about it, I had finally decided to publish a Blog. I planed to share a little bit of what I had learned over a lifetime.

Hello, this was my first blog when I launched it January 13, 2012. I had been having a great time with Face Book when a son told me I should do a blog instead, that I “was too wordy”. I loved it, I checked the stat counter every day to see how many people clicked in. When the number hit 9, I was thrilled. (Then that same son told me that all the clicks came from my own computer where I had kept checking the stats several times a day). Anyway, I had so many good pictures to post and comments about them, I would get started at 4:00 in the morning, find a picture, write something about it and have it published by daylight. That was panic time. Then I started making several posts at a time so I could get ahead a few days and just have them automatically come up. It has been fun remembering things that happened a lifetime ago. One memory sparks another and on and on~

I just celebrated my 84 birthday six days ago, life is good, I have been blessed with sweet memories, and great things are coming up in the future. For the past few months I have taken a break from the blog, I had other things that needed my attention. Since then I have painted more and read more, and just started hosting the Bible study group on Friday nights at my house. We have a wonderful meal, then an hour of intense Bible study with Paul leading us in the Word and we enjoy a special  time with friends.

Women on the South Concho

Becky was the youngest one and so pretty~

In the summer time, everyone who came to the river rode in the River Mouse. The battery would last two weeks and then needed an overnight charge and was ready to go again. I have lots of videos of our dogs sitting at the wheel, driving  the boat, dogs and the children were the most fun.

The Presbyterian Women of the Church, over twenty of them, came in 1992 and we had Bible Study and a devotional by the water. It was a day filled with the Holy Spirit, this is a day the Lord had made. We had some fun that day too~

Helen driving Sandra

Jerry riding with Jean, the wild one

Everyone  either  drove  the River Mouse or rode in it. (up to the rapids, turn hard and it would  spin in  circles,  then come  rushing  back  down with the ladies squealing). I have to laugh when I remember~

Danell and Pat, almost to the thrilling rapids

almost dinner time

  After the boat rides, I served a bar-b-que dinner up at the camp, it  needed  to  be  good because I was feeding some of   the   best   cooks  in  the world. We even had cloth napkins,   china   and silverware. Some of those who were there that I remember were Becky Lux, Maxine Page, Nook Mayo, Geneva McWhorter,  Pat Pfluger, Helen Marie Page, Nancy Stanford, Jerry Whitten, Pat Pitts, Isabella McCutcheon, Jean Brazzel, Danell McCormack  Florence Williams, Maggie Lee Williams, Joyce Whitten, Sandra Helmers, and our preacher, Hawley Wolfe 
All the women were good friends, it was 25 years ago and some of them are gone now. They will always be remembered~ we could not do without our church family~

Helen won the prize at her table

Hello to my Washington friend Tara Clayton Wootten, I have been enjoying you dog pictures!