Young Girl Painting

she started working on the clouds and had the first coat on in a couple of hours

When ZZ was eleven years old, she decided she wanted to paint a big picture. She had been painting since she was a little girl, mostly 9X12  scenes of adobe houses, parrots, and cow’s portraits. I told her it would take a long time on a large one since she could only paint a couple of weeks every so often when she came to Texas.

she is taking a break, that didn’t last long and she was back at it again

She picked a bluebonnet to copy, looking at another painting is a great way to learn, you can see the brush strokes and mix the colors to match. The first day she had the sky pretty well done, start at the top of the canvas, that way you don’t get your hand in wet paint while you come toward the bottom. She started painting the dark green where the tree would go. Later when it had dried for a couple of days she put some of the highlights on the big tree and the lighter bushes and trees in the background.

this was almost a year later, here she is putting in the finial touches, the details are the most fun of all~

 She had the first coat on the whole canvas in about a week, then let it dry and worked more on the clouds, pretty well finishing those up. If she was having a problem, I would paint a clump of bluebonnets, or a rock or grass on a pallet and she watched, then did what I did. When she came back to see us, she went back to work on it. It took her several trips to finish. Dan put it in a beautiful frame and it has been hanging at home since 2001. 

all done, she was excited and ready to start on another one~ these are the favorite times , doing things with ZZ.   She cooked, sewed, drove the pickup and played cards with Granddad~

Texas Bluebonnets

A painting of a scene from Mason County

A painting of a scene from Mason County

When I think of the excitement of July 4th fireworks, bombs bursting in air, the crowd holding it’s breath for the next shower and explosion  of colors, it is one of the things we all love. Or the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, where the beautiful balloons drift into the air to fill the sky with colorful, billowing shapes, puffing as they rise into the heavens. Everywhere you look, the sky is filled with wonderment. We all cheer and are thrilled by this experience.  Drive through the Texas Hill Country in the spring and see the bluebonnets and wildflowers. This is the best of all. Around every curve, a new scene of beauty. It takes your breath away. This is a drive you need to share with others.There are massive live oak trees, mesquites just starting to put out their bright green lacy leaves, the red sandy roads with puddles of water from a recent shower, it paints a splendid picture. There are miles and miles to see all over Central Texas, the best being from Mason to Stonewall. This is the Texas Hill Country. This is the Lord’s Work. This is always a fun picture to paint.

Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets


the red grit road is a beautiful contrast to the bluebonnets

Another bluebonnet scene, this one between Mason and Fredericksburg a couple of months ago. The Hill Country is alive with color right now with beautiful Indian Blankets. The bluebonnets are gone for this year. Make it a day trip and be sure to take friends with you. It is something to be shared with others, it is that good! Then Fredericksburg is a great place to walk around and mingle, have a nice meal, shop in the antique stores or just sit on a sidewalk bench and rest. We were there last week and with the nice rains, the countryside is lush and green. This is some of the best Texas has to offer. It is an experience you will remember and want to come back to again. 

Bluebonnets Near Llano

Beautiful lush pasture

this is another scene around another curve in the road, breathtaking

Another pasture with bluebonnets, this one near Llano. Take your camera, go early to get the perfect shots. An overcast day, with no bright sunshine is best. The colors are brilliant, so mornings make stunning pictures. You can take off down country roads where there is no traffic and take your time. Ask around Mason and they will tell you where to get a map of the good places, these roads loop around and get you back to the main roads. Get going, the time is now!

Texas Bluebonnets

scene between Mason and Llano in the spring time

This is a painting I did in 1976, bluebonnets have always been my favorite subject. In the spring time throughout Texas when the country has had rain at just the right time, everything turns blue. The best is always in the Hill Country around Mason, Llano and Fredericksburg. This should be a good year. Everyone looks forward to a day trip on the winding roads to see all the wild flowers. They last for several weeks. It is a sight to see and one of Texas’ most beautiful treasures. It will take your breath away.