Happy Birthday

I still have this beautiful little doll. The baby boy is 61 years old today. Happy Birthday

Madame Alexander doll is now 63 years old~

Madame Alexander doll is now 63 years old~

Blue Boy, four years old

Blue Boy, four years old

Meet Blue Boy. He was four years old when our baby boy was born  and he liked that baby. One day when I was sweeping and walked out the front door, Blue Boy was on my shoulder and before I knew it, he had joined a bunch of birds that  flew over and was gone. I was in a panic trying to see where they went, but he was gone. I walked in the pasture until dark, calling him and looking in every bush and tree. The next day I went out again with my guitar, thinking he would hear it and come to me. I couldn’t give up, I was sick, my heart was broken. I put an ad in the paper for my ‘lost bird’ and Dan said it was useless, no way would anyone find him. The third day it turned cold and wet and I was losing hope. On the fourth day, Margaret Whitten called me and said she thought they might have found Blue Boy. Morris had been out working livestock and this little bird came and got on his shoulder and would not leave so he put him in the pickup until he finished work and headed home. They lived four miles from our house and I cried all the way out there, praying for a miracle. IT WAS HIM! The feathers on his head were gone there was a cactus thorn through his foot but it was him. He got close to my ear coming home and kept saying “Blue Boy Sweet Baby Bird”. He lived to be nine years old and was one of the finest little pets we ever had. I know this is supposed to be a Happy Birthday blog for my son today but when I saw the picture, I remembered what a wonderful and blessed life we lived. Sweet little bird and that sweet and precious little baby boy. Happy Birthday!

Children’s Rescue Centre, Kitale Kenya

here are the kids listening to Paul’s Bible lesson

Today I will show a few pictures of some of the kids at the Children’s Rescue Centre (The Heroes of Christ) in Mili Saba, seven miles from Kitale Kenya, West Africa. All of these children were orphans with neither of their parents living, no grandmothers or aunts who could take them so several years ago Charles Masinde started this orphanage to save children like these. There were twenty children living there, ages two to fourteen years. Five of us went there during the Christmas holidays three years ago specifically for mission work but we took care of other needs  as well. These were happy children, they enjoyed a good life. I will share some of our projects with you in coming blogs. ~with Paul McWhorter, Lisa Dees, Benton Warren, Abbie Woods and Rita McWhorter~Elizabeth McWhorter is a missionary/nurse who has lived in Kenya going on four years. This was a trip of a lifetime~

After some hard running games and dancing, these three were taking a break

they were happy to poise for me,  they crowded around to see their pictures on the camera screen

Sammy is the youngest boy, he was precious

since all the children have their heads shaved, it was hard to tell girls from boys except for their clothes.