Happy Birthday to Someone~

Today is a special day for me, it was June 17, 1961 when we were celebrating a new baby in our family. The next new baby came thirty years later when his daughter was born and we had to wait another twenty seven years for her new baby to  be born. Anyway, I just wanted to wish him a Happy 56th birthday and tell him how much I love him. He is in Uganda right at the moment doing mission work and enjoying his new baby granddaughter. I hope to show pictures of that  trip soon.

Here is a picture from last year when he was in Kenya bringing the Word of the Lord to the people there.

Here is a picture from last year when he was in Kenya bringing the Word of the Lord to the people there.

Children in Mali Saba

My family is getting ready to leave for Soroti Uganda where they will be able to hold their new grand baby girl for the first time. They will be busy with mission work for the next month. I will be busy taking care of the Texas stuff while they are gone. Here is a blog from 2012. I may be doing some re-runs for a while since I won’t have much time on my hands.

There is a little village close to the Children’s Rescue Centre called Mali Saba, that has a few shops, churches, and houses. It is more like a big circle of open space with all the business around the outside. There were big trucks filled with corn that was being dried and cleaned.

There were huge tarps laid out on the ground and the truck was loaded with corn that was thrown out on the tarps to dry. They would keep scraping it up in large buckets and throw it in the air to wind it. Corn (maize) flour is what most of the diet consists of.

There were a lot of children there and here are some of their pictures.

This was one of the little boys, all of the children look older in the pictures than they really were. This one was probably three years old.

All I said was ‘wave’ and they all waved at me for this picture. I was always surprised at how many people there were everywhere we went and there were so many children. These had just come from Sunday School Class.

If we stopped to visit with them, they were shy at first because we were those strange looking people, but soon there would be a bunch of them crowding around. After we took one picture and they saw themselves on the camera screen, they all wanted to be in the pictures.

one of the children took this picture, not a great idea, then everyone wanted to try their hand at it~

This boy was wearing Crocks. There were a lot of Crocks everywhere we went, the company must have sent thousands of the shoes to them. They worked great~

here are four friends walking together.

Lisa, Elizabeth and Pastor Martin’s wife after church service at Eagle Vision Ministry           Jesus Praise Centre in Mailisaba-Kitale

Lisa in front of the church. Pastor Martin Manside held a wonderful and inspiring service. The music was exciting and loud.

Martin Manside’s church was located here so we spent some time in this place. 

Children from the Villages near Kitale

we had been told we would be stared at and not to be offended, this child probably never saw a white person before and was curious. The other children are those we brought from the orphanage to read Bible verses to the others.

I couldn’t get all the pictures on a recient blog so today I will show you some of the people who live in the villages out from Mali Saba. 


The children are beautiful, something you notice all over Kenya. They are quiet and polite and don’t fight with each other.

the families are large, they want large families and prefer having boys. They have their babies at home and if something goes wrong, there is no money for a hospital.

You can see the older children taking care of the babies in the family. I don’t know how they wrap them up to carry them on their backs, I wish I had asked. They would have been happy to show me.

this little girl was not too happy, she wasn’t crying but there were tears.

I didn’t hear any babies crying the whole time on the trip, this little girl had tears but it only lasted a minute. I wanted every baby I saw. I wanted this one~ 

The baby was really interested in what was going on, the little girl was laughing at me. All the kids loved to see their pictures on the camera screen afterwards.


these two little girls were all smiles, they had gotten used to the white faces. I remember when I was about four years old and saw my first black person. I went blank, I had no idea what happened to her. These children are the same, they didn’t have a clue as  to why we weren’t brown~


Beautiful Kenya

This is the Eagle Vision Ministry Jesus Praise Center, this place was rocking!

This is another re-run of a blog from four years ago. I hope you enjoy it once more.

Elizabeth, Lisa, Abbie and I went to the little church in Maili Saba, which is 7 miles from Kitale, where Elizabeth and Lisa were going to present a program to a group of young women. The church is named Eagle Vision Ministry Jesus Praise Center. It is a long narrow building made with a wood frame, covered in corrugated metal and the front where the pulpit sits is elaborately decorated with purple and white satin fabric. Really quite pretty. There were four chairs on each side of the aisle and probably 15 rows. At the front there were two LARGE speakers on each side and a keyboard. (Charles, the pastor told us they like loud music)  The man who played the music was excellent. The meeting lasted a long time, around four hours.  

Singing and praising the Lord!

Several women sang, there was the music  that had many many verses and everyone danced in a line up front, around the pulpit and back down the aisle and then out the door. Every time I wondered if it was all done but here they came back in and on and on it went. Then we had more speakers and more music. Elizabeth and Lisa gave wonderful and inspiring programs and read scripture. Since some of the women only understand Swahili, after every few words, a translator would repeat it in Swahili so it took a long time.  

A delicious meal for everyone~

At noon, the women brought in food they had prepared for everyone and we enjoyed rice, goat meat stew, wonderful potatoes and sautéed cabbage.  The church was packed with women, they dressed up in their very best and had a wonderful time. Elizabeth is going to start a Bible Study group for them soon. It was fun meeting them, they made us feel welcome. I could only try to compare it with our ‘Women of the Church’ meetings at home. This is another world. Great day.

this was an exciting day

Beautiful Children of Kenya

all the neighborhood kids liked to come and watch what was going on at the orphanage, sometimes they would join in on the games. They even watched when it was Bible Study time or school~

These two children came across the road to the orphanage to watch the kids run races. They had such pretty little faces, just as all the children there do. I noticed all through the day people stopped and looked through the hedge from the road. When we said hello or Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or whatever, they were always ready to visit with these ‘strange looking white people’. I might have been the oldest person they had ever seen, lots of people asked me my age. I only saw two people while I was there with gray hair. This road or little street was more like an alley but there was a lot of activity on it. Pretty nice houses were on the other side. Almost everyone has a garden, that red dirt must be rich and fertile. Their top soil goes down forever, we saw a place that had been dug out like we would dig a calache pit, and the red dirt was all the way down and on the bottom was green stuff growing. There was a shower almost every afternoon even though it was the ‘dry season’. No one can appreciate the green countryside more than we do. Once in a while we are blessed with it and we are thankful.

Pictures from Kenya

this was the Bible verse for the day, there was a new one each morning and the children read it out loud to start their Bible lessons~

These are just some pictures for you to look at today. I hope you enjoy them.

two beautiful children listening to the lesson

they were singing ‘I Have Decided to Follow Jesus’

Benton, Paul, Rita, Martin, Lisa, Abbie, and Charles

just another beautiful child, saved from the streets and having a future~

this is Sharon, she is the baby

this pretty child is Charles’ little daughter, she comes to the orphanage every day with him to be with all the kids


these two were posing for me

this is a three year old, he was precious and was just warming up to everyone

Everyone loved Abbie

Lucy was the 13 year old and helped lead the games and dancing, she was almost always holding one of the little ones~

they all loved to have their pictures taken~


From Africa

Kitale was packed with people today since things would be closed tomorrow for New Years. I am amazed at how many people there are, not like Eldorado where you might run into 3 friends at the Post Office during the rush hour. There are people as far as you can see. They are polite, good natured and friendly, but also curious about the four white people and the one old woman.

Today I am re-running a blog from last year because I like remembering that wonderful trip to Kenya. I left some of my heart there. A sweet memory forever.