Miniature Kitchen Make-Over

this kitchen was one of my favorite rooms to do 40 years ago, it has been fun restoring it~

the apples are the size of a pea, I carved them, then cut them in half and painted in the seeds etc. ~the paring knife is half inch long~real metal blade too~

This miniature kitchen has a lot going on. It was easy enough to restore and re-decorate, but I left several things out that were in the original kitchen. With all the rooms, I had too much stuff.  I now have a cigar box full of left-overs. This was my next to last room to fix up and I was ready to get crazy~not from the work but from the mess. All finished, all clean again and I feel like celebrating. On the counter there is a block of Velveeta cheese, a cheese grater and the start of Chicken Enchiladas.

the refrigerator was avocado green, the color for the 1970’s. It is upgraded to stainless steel now~

The kitty is now “Buttermilk” instead of the 40 year old Miss Lilla. The fruit on the counter only needed cleaning, it was carved from a dowel pin, then painted. I wish I could get some creative souls out there to try this carving thing, it is so easy and terribly fun. You only need a dowel pin,   carpet knife, and a fingernail file. The new ‘granite’ counter top is made from a black floor  tile, it was easy to cut with the carpet knife. The canisters are from different size dowel pins, the pots are metal perfume lids that I cut around the center, leaving one little piece in tact and then bending it down to make a handle.

the phone is 1″ tall, one thing about the old ones, you never mispaced them~

I have carved several telephones, they are the old kind by today’s standards. I like the kitchen, maybe because I like my real one so much. Cooking is a great pleasure, we are nesters and feeders~          and also eaters~