Out Of Business After The First Day

This was in 1943, the year the R&N Cafe opened for business. Here we are, Rita, Nancy and Tricia, all ready for church. we had been to the beauty parlor~

This was in 1943, the year the R&N Cafe opened for business. Here we are, Rita, Nancy and Tricia, all ready for church. We had been to the beauty parlor for perms~

Nancy was about six years old and I was ten.  One day we found some stuff in the alley that Tutt and Dorothy Ellis had thrown away. There were a couple of old fancy wall lamps, a matching light fixture, and a pair of green draperies. We had found a gold mine~ we took it home with no real plans but decided to spruce up the garage. There was a floor in the back with one window and a door, it was mostly filled with junk. The two lamps went on the sides of the window and we hung the fancy light fixture from the rafter. It was looking good. (except for all the other mess which we hauled out to the alley). There was an old ironing board and two bar stools and this is when our plans came to life. That is when The R & N Cafe was born. (aka Rita’s & Nancy’s Cafe). There was a big trunk that held all the old Life Magazines that we were never allowed to look at, it was during the war and there were pictures too horrible for children to see.   (We looked at them many times) Anyway, with a drapery covering the trunk and the other one on the ironing board, it was coming together. We moved a few dishes out from the house and a stew pan. Now, ‘What to serve our customers?’. Mother canned most of our food, there was a closet full in her kitchen. We picked cans of  strawberries and hominy. We took a turn being the waitress and raved about the fine food. Delicious!         Now  Monetta Bradshaw and Linda Jones lived on the next block so Nancy ran down to see if they wanted to come and eat at our new cafe. They did and it was free and we had a cheerful crowd. There was still most of the pan of hominy  left but we were tired of this venture and all went over to grandmother’s house to play on the swing. We forgot about our cafe for  a few days and when we went back the hominy was green and had fuzzies growing on it, we just threw the ‘pan and all’ out in the pasture.  Our grand opening had only lasted about 30 minutes but it was fun.                                                   Nancy and I talked about these old times often, it was one of the things she always remembered.

Sweet Goodbye

Nancy Jo Elder Patton  November 30, 1937~June18, 2017

Nancy Jo Elder Patton November 30, 1937~June 18, 2017

Goodbye to my sweet sister, she was blessed with the most precious treasures of all, being a wife, mother and grandmother. She made a difference in the world for all who knew her and loved her. What a life. Her last words to me on the phone every night were, “Goodnight  and I love you most! “