Children’s Rescue Centre, Kitale Kenya

here are the kids listening to Paul’s Bible lesson

Today I will show a few pictures of some of the kids at the Children’s Rescue Centre (The Heroes of Christ) in Mili Saba, seven miles from Kitale Kenya, West Africa. All of these children are orphans with neither of their parents living, no grandmothers or aunts who could take them so several years ago Charles Masinde started this orphanage to save children like these. There are twenty children who live here, ages two to fourteen years. Five of us went there during the Christmas holidays specifically for mission work but we took care of other needs  as well. These are happy children, they have a good life. I will share some of our projects with you in coming blogs. ~with Paul McWhorter, Lisa Dees, Benton Warren, Abbie Woods and Rita McWhorter~Elizabeth McWhorter is a missionary/nurse who now lives in Kenya. This was a trip of a lifetime~

After some hard running games and dancing, these three are taking a break

they were happy to poise for me,  they crowded around to see their pictures on the camera screen

Sammy is the youngest boy, he is precious

since all the children have their heads shaved, it is hard to tell girls from boys except for their clothes.