Shih Tzu Puppies


Daisy, Tootsie, Little Elmo,Ginger, Jitter Joe

                                        Marci’s & Gizmo’s Love Song
                                       When Marci and Gizmo found each other,
                                        it was made was made in heaven above,
                                        For she loved him and he love her
                                        The greatest love of them all
                                        Then there was Little Tootsie, and Jitter Joe,
                                         Daisy, and Ginger,  and Little Elmo
                                         Put them together and what do you see
                                         A real fine family        (and sometimes a fight)        Rita

Jitter Joe, Daisy, Tootsie, Little Elmo and Ginger

Jitter stayed home with his mama. He is my sweet little prize

Marci was a wonderful mother, she took good care of her babies and missed them terribly when they left. ~me too~

There are  many pictures of these babies, they were each one so special. I used one of the Kiddie Pools for their play pen. It was great, they had lots of room to play  and couldn’t get out to roam around and get in trouble. Marci could jump in and nurse them and take care of them, then get out and take a rest without having five little crawly things all over her. I took them out  two at a time to hold in my lap and tell them the story of their life and how much I loved them. We talked a lot. Dan held each one of them every day. Lots of people came to see them, even relatives from Dallas.These  are some of my favorite pictures.

jitter Joe McWhorter

Jitter Joe loves everybody, he is smart, he is gorgeous and he is my sweet prize~there are just not enough words~


Tootsie Pfluger is a beautiful little show girl, her mama loves her terribly.She goes to help her Papa feed. She is a real sweetheart~she comes to play with Jitter Joe.


Ginger and Little Elmo. Ginger lives in a home out of Christoval with the chickies and 3 peacocks. Anna adores her and Paul tolerates her, She is precious. Little Elmo passed away two summers ago after a bout with food poisoning. It was heartbreaking for all of us. He was a beautiful member of the family for over 9 years.

Miss Daisy Maisy Craven, the girl with the long flowing hair, she is an East Texas beauty and gets lots of loving. She is happy, her smile says it all~

This has been  my favorite blog to put together. It has been wonderful going through all the pictures and remembering all of these sweet times. I hope you like it too~

Shih Tzu Puppies _ Twelve Years Old

Beautiful Miracle

the announcement~ joy, happiness and thankfulness for these precious gifts

proud mama with her five little miracles. They all started out black and white but after a few weeks, two were back and white, two almost completely white and one looked like a kitty .

This morning twelve years ago, I woke to the cries of a new puppy, Marci was was having her babies! I turned on the light and there was this so very tiny little thing squirming on the floor beside my bed, Marci was already washing it and instinct told her she was a new mother. In the next hour, she had finished having  five perfect babies. The x-ray had shown only four so  the last one was a big surprise. I have never been so excited or happy,  I was crying and thankful and so proud of Marci.  From that moment on to many weeks later, I had the time of my life with  these precious babies. I treasure this time I had with them and watched them grow into wonderful puppies with their own personalities. When it was time for them to go to their new homes, it was  hard for me. Two were going to Albuquerque with Paul and Anna, one was going to White Oak with the Cravens, my sweet friend Pat would take one to the Pfluger Ranch, and I was going to sell the last one to help pay all the expenses. One morning I was going for my jog, feeling so depressed when the thought hit me! There was no reason I couldn’t  keep one for myself! I already had Marci and Missy but I could have this sweet little puppy that  I had known since his first breath. By the time I got home my mind was made up, he was going to be the old bachelor who would stay home with his mama forever. I was terribly happy that day. I can still feel the joy inside right now when I remember. ( I will be continuing with this blog tomorrow) Thank you  Lord for these Blessings~

                                          Happy Birthday to all The Babies

                                   With Love from Marci Mama & Grammy


Tootsie was the first born ~just a little doll

Little Elmo is show dog pretty

Ginger, beautiful and sweet as honey

Daisy was the big surprise and so precious

Jitter Joe, he is my love, sweet and beautiful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Miniature Blue Chairs

these chairs are 8″ tall, the doors on the lamp table open.

These are my miniature blue chairs.( I copied them from two I bought at Robert Massey’s in 1967 and they are some of my favorite pieces of furniture.) They were fun to make, they are 8″ tall. All the miniatures show better if they are just below eye level, then they are at the same angle as you see your real furniture. You have to trick the eye.

here is Jitter Joe, checking them out

I used to have them sitting in the living room on the floor with the other little furniture and Jitter Joe started taking them in other parts of the house so I put them in a safe place. I am always happy that all my puppies recognize it is furniture, they want to lie on the bed, get up on the sofa and sit close to the chairs.


One time when they were puppies, Jitter Joe and Little Elmo got into a fight behind these two chairs and rolled them around but no damage.

Free Shih Tzu

this is our beautiful little Marci and her story

Dogs are a huge part of our family. Several came from the pound, one we found on the road, two were Give Away’s. Early one  morning I was reading the paper and saw the ad, ‘Free Shih Tzu to a good home only’ . I waited until 6:00 to call, but I wanted to be the first on the list. Thomas Mallow answered the phone. I told him I wanted that puppy, that we had recently  lost Spook who lived to be almost 19 years old and  we needed a new baby. He asked a lot of questions and said they would hold her  until I could get to San Angelo at 10:00 to be interviewed. When I rang their doorbell, I heard barking and when I was inside, there was this precious little black and white dog, all happy to see me.( I also noticed a beautiful little baby boy in a jumper seat on the floor.) So the story unfolded, Pamela and Thomas got Marsha when she was a few weeks old and she had been their only baby.  Then 18 months later, Blake was born.  Marsha did not like him, he was taking her place in her mama’s lap. She would just look at him and growl, they knew that wasn’t going to work so decided they had to find another home for her. They chose us. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Coming home she  rode in Dan’s lap and that was the beginning of great times for us.  Pamela and Thomas saw Marci several times after that and she still growled when she saw Blake. We have kept in touch  and I get pictures of Blake often, he is a big fine handsome 13 year old boy now. Marci was one of our most wonderful gifts ever! She is an old girl now, she has been with us for a long time. Thank you again a  hundred times  sweet friends!