Happy Mother’s Day

GoodFeelings, warm love

This is a young mother, grandmother and baby,  sweet feelings from my heart

Happy Mother’s Day. To me everything in life pales by comparison to being a mama. I  dreamed of having a baby from when I was a little girl. My doll was the only  thing I needed. I made her a bed out of a wooden lettuce crate, she had nice blankets and pillows. It bothered me though that when she was in  my bed at night, her spot never got warm.  Dan and I had two boys, I don’t know how we got such wonderful children but they have been  a blessing and a mother’s dream.  I painted  this picture in 1973, I had lost my mother a year before on Mother’s Day. I put my heart  into it and have feeling for this one~more than any I have ever done. I don’t remember where I got the subject matter,  I saw the room with nice windows in a picture and added the characters from different pictures and ideas. It is a peaceful scene, it is filled with sweet feelings and warm thoughts.(now I need to add several of my puppies and it would be complete). I will add several more Mother’s Day stories to my blog in the next few days. Just today, Dan and Debbie brought a feast for an early Mother’s Day dinner after church.