Oil Painting

A painting of a scene from Mason County

A painting of a scene from Mason County, this one I have kept because it was one I liked. It just went together with no effort. I always had a place in my heart for Mason and especially Grit, where my grandparents had a farm. Lots of nice summers there growing up.

This landscape is 24″x36″ and has always been my favorite size to paint, it is the right proportion. It works well on a wall above a fireplace or over a large piece of furniture. This size canvas takes about four days to paint, with a couple of days drying time in between. I always kept three paintings going at once, that way when I had gone as far as I need to on one, I let it dry while I worked on another one. Painting  wet on wet ends up a dull grey picture, bright highlights will pop out if the paint under it is dry.  I have never used an easel, it  is awkward and makes my arm tired. I had rather stand over the canvas with it lying flat on the table or sit with it propped up in my lap. When paintings were finished, Dan framed them for me. A salesman came twice a year from  Brownwood to show me the samples. They have beautiful ready made frames with elaborately finished corners. Even a small 5″x7″ painting in one of these frames turns it into something special. 

Texas Landscape

Texas Landscape

This has everything you could wish for, green pasture, sheep, and a windmill

This is a landscape I painted in 1989. The barn was near Fredericksburg,Texas, the rest is just dreamed up. I have never painted on site, everything was painted at my kitchen table. I have always taken pictures of interesting trees to put in a painting, otherwise I would find myself putting the same tree in the next picture. I took pictures of barns and houses, then built a painting around those. Old houses add a lot of interest, they all have a story. A clothes line out back, with some clothes moving in the breeze can bring life to a dilapidated house. You don’t want to see one too far gone, you want to have hope that there is still some life left in it, that someone can still make a home there.

Bluebonnet Oil Painting

this landscape was just as I found it, I had to change nothing when I painted it.

This is a painting I have in my living room. It is a scene of an actual place in Schleicher County and I didn’t have to change a thing. When my little granddaughter wanted to paint a large picture, she copied this one. It took her over a year since she could only work on it when she was visiting. It is easier to copy a painting than a photograph, I showed her painting on an earlier blog. It is a great way to teach a child to paint, they can learn to paint a tree and road and soon be doing their own originals. She never got tired, she stayed with it. Those were sweet days for me.