Texas Ranch Life

boots last a long time~when they wear out they get new soles and  and keep on going

A few pictures from the Lively ranch in Schleicher County. (thank you Frankie for the great pictures).

many horses have been replaced with four wheelers for ranch work, still people love their horses~

Almost anything that has to do with ‘ranch’ ends with ‘ing’. The list is long but here goes; lambing, kidding, calving, marking, drenching, dipping, tagging, shoeing, shearing, feeding, penning, improving, moving, counting, doctoring, hauling, worrying, banking, celebrating, fixing (water gaps, fences, roads, flat tires), control burning, checking the rain gage, sometimes this is the best of all~

feeding dogies~ lambs, calves or goats~ there are always some that need to be hand fed

goats are smart, this one found the feed sack~”Oh my stars,I’ve died and gone to heaven”.

Ranchers are most highly regarded for their hard work, dedication to improving and preserving the land, and holding onto it for generations. (I learned so many interesting things about ranching from my friend Pat who fell into the business when she married a rancher 59 years ago). Country life is the best life in Texas~

the end of another wonderful day, God Bless Our Country

2 thoughts on “Texas Ranch Life

  1. This brings back lots of memories of my childhood. One of my chores was feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs — some of the hens didn’t take too kindly on having their eggs removed!! Personally I don’t miss it. Ranching is hard work and a lonely life. I like my creature comforts and city life.

    • I remember spending the night with you when we were growing up. There were kerosene lamps, an ice box and outdoor bathroom, I thought it was all wonderful and cozy. You mother had a fabulous breakfast the next morning, even fresh orange juice. I liked the windmill and the pens and everything that was going on. It was a ‘lively’ place. I never forgot it! When ZZ’s was learning to drive, we would go by the ranch and I would tell her which gate ‘led to Grete’s house’ and all about the fun I had there. That is when I met your doll Sondra~

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