The Horse Next Door

I don’t have many horse stories. I have really only had about three times I was around a horse. This picture of my sisters and me on Uncle Tom’s horse didn’t make  us cowgirls, they hoisted us up, snapped a picture and helped us down. Daddy didn’t even walk around us around the pasture. My next experience was in 1952 when I rode Granddad Montgomery’s old  ‘Spark Plug’ down to the gate, turned around and he took off back to the house, saddle flying through the air with me on it. The girt had broke. I landed on my neck and was pretty crippled up when I went back to college a few weeks later. Now years and years past and I had my third experience with a horse.

The Elder girls on Uncle Tom's horse. Tricia, Rita and Nancy.  I was scared~

The Elder girls on Uncle Tom’s horse. Tricia, Rita and Nancy. I was scared~

I was going out to feed the pasture cats one afternoon and there was a horse in my patch. This is a pretty good looking horse from a distance and I decided to take a few snap shots of her. I had painted lots of horses and thought she might be a good subject. She stood around and let me get several pictures before she walked off. After looking at them I decided she was not a pretty horse after all. For one thing, her head was too small. I felt sorry for her though, she was nice enough. I will send her pictures around the world in this blog and she will be important, it’s her shinning moment, her 15 minutes of fame. Poor girl, I brought her a box of Old Fashioned Quaker Oats a few days later~ 

here she was trying to rub the flies off of her face, I was starting to bond with her, I hate flies too~

She ended up taking my big silver gate off the hinges and left it lying out in the driveway. Then she walked through my good wire fence in several places. That day she was a bad girl~and a few days later, she and her owner had moved on to a new home. I still think of her when I drive by and see those holes in my fence~grrrr~

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