Unexpected Visitors in Kitale, Kenya

this paper was packed with news, from local and some world news, it reminded me of the Eldorado Success, where real people go out and take real pictures and write the real articles first hand. They don’t get all their stories off  the AP and just copy what came from a thousand miles away~

I bought a newspaper ‘Daily Nation’, in Kitale the day after New Years, in 2013, this must be the main source of news in Kitale since few people have access to television or radio and I saw lots of people buying the paper. It cost about 50 cents and the 44 pages were packed with colored photographs and varied and interesting articles. I was impressed with the obituaries, beautiful stories with headings; Celebration of a Life Well Lived, Promotion to Glory, Our Hero has Rested~ since life expectancy in Kenya is around 58 years, only one person was listed who lived into  her nineties, many were in their thirties. Another thing that I liked about the paper is the lack of outlandish advertisements, you know the kind we get here with the full page hearing aid ads. (a huge ear with a person’s body stuck halfway inside) I cringe when I think of that one! Anyway, I took my paper to Elizabeth’s house where we were staying, the others had all walked down the road to Mount Elgon. I was lying on the sofa enjoying my paper when I heard someone come in the door and thinking it was Elizabeth,I glanced up to see a big monkey. He was staring me straight in the eye and never looked away as he reached over and grabbed the bunch of bananas on the coffee table, then was out the door and gone! I sat up and tried to think what had just happened, when I went outside to look there was one little banana left on the sidewalk. Then here came another monkey who grabbed it and took off. It was terribly funny, I could hardly wait for everyone to come back and hear about my visitor. Since I grew up with a monkey in my family I like them, but as I have told anyone who ever thought of getting one, ‘DON’T!’ ( just get a puppy or kitty instead)

I got a picture of this one later in the week, It could be he was coming back for seconds.  He was big, about like  a  medium size dog with really long  arms and legs.

these monkeys were on the fence out back, they came through every night and the four guard dogs barked ALL  night.  (The dogs slept in the flower bed during the day)

they didn’t chatter a lot, they just moved through the trees once a day and in the night, there were a lot of babies too.  No bird’s nest could survive~

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