West Texas Windmill

There is something special about a windmill, I love to hear one, just like I used to love to hear the whistle of a train~

Here is a picture of a typical windmill taken in 1962. Many of these have been replaced with submersible pumps that  run on electricity or solar energy. When I was growing up, they had towers made of wood but later they made them out of metal. There is a company in San Angelo that still makes Aermotor windmills and ships them all over the world. We have always had a mill, to me there is something mystical about it. It takes some maintaining though, if a rod breaks it has to be pulled out and replaced. That used to mean hooking a pulley onto the bumper of a pickup and driving back and forward to pull the rods out. Our well is almost 400′ deep and just got all new rods. It  was done with a big truck with a with a boon, the operator stood at the controls and pushed some buttons while his helper unhooked the rods. It should be good for a long time now. Just like knowing a good plumber or mechanic, you need a good windmill man~I have one, he is one of the Henderson boys~

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